Training Video for Customer Service and Sales

Why make a training video?

What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

We understand and believe that training is important for any business to educate their key business stakeholders from the business internal team, channel partners to the end consumer. While brands and large businesses invest a lot of time, resources and money to develop such training curriculums but yet not sure if these training methods, approaches and traditional medium are able to drive and deliver the expected results?

We realized such issues when a few reputed brands like HP and Essilor shared a similar problem that their partner’s in-store sales conversion across the country have been dipping for a while and they want to deploy a market activation campaign.

We being specialized professionals in business communication and consulting space wanted to investigate the issue at the first step and hence we conducted a Mistry Video Audit of a few HP retail partner stores and Essilor retail partner stores in a few metro cities.

To our surprise, we discovered that most in-store sales people were not well versed and informed about these branded products although they were provided with all required printed product catalogues, manuals and other associated printed assets.

To understand this fact we dig dipper and had an open conversation with many in-store salespeople and we manage to discover two things:

  1. They were not being able to understand and follow the printed language and hence they were facing difficulties in addressing walk-in customers confidently.
  2. Our second key observation was that these in-store salespersons have smartphones and they all love to watch video content during their lean hours in the shop.

From these two key insights, we advised and helped our clients create an engaging training video to train their retail channel partners get these videos dubbed in multiple regional languages so that in-store salespeople could connect and understand better, we advised getting these videos published on the brand’s partner portals, and release it on various online platform so that the target audience could access these content at their ease.

The solution has helped our client in many ways:

  1. Scaling and deploying these training programs much faster, at a much lesser cost than traditional medium.
  2. The initiative has helped them track these partners' progress, get to know their interest, address their queries on the product much faster.
  3. They observed a steady growth in their partner in-store sales no. ever since they were deployed.

Video as a medium can create much greater recall value than any other medium and visual-based learning is easier to understand and grasp faster. However, the effectiveness of training based video also depends on how the content has been crafted and presented to make it more engaging, more meaningful and easier for your audience to access at their will.

Also, we must realise the fact that we are all internal employees, business or channel partners or especially as an end consumer we all spend more time with our smartphones and mostly consuming video-based content.

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