Video Communication

Atal Nagar, Smart City Project


Schneider Electric developed India’s First Green Field Integrated Smart City in Atal Nagar and wanted to share it with the industry. They wanted to showcase Atal Nagar project as a case study that started the Smart city revolution in India. Schneider Electric wanted to set a benchmark for other upcoming Smart Cities in India by establishing Schneider Electric’s impeccable combination of Smart Infrastructure, Advanced IT Solutions and Smart Governance, with citizen’s safety and security at the heart of the entire infrastructure, and showcase it through a compelling story.


Creative Factor was entrusted to capture and showcase Schneider Electric’s entire journey of creating India’s First Smart City and the unique Command & Control Centre. Not only was this a daunting task as it involved top state bureaucrats and civic bodies, different government departments but also the fact that all this needed to be put in just 120 sec video (Time allocated by Prime Minister’s office, to be played at the launch) Not to say the least that we had less than 100 hrs to deliver the story.


To ignite conversation at a national level, the brand story was strategically crafted keeping in mind 3 key principles-

  1. Fresh Perspective,
  2. Showcasing how Technology was used to impact the lives of Atal Nagar citizens to make it efficient and simpler,
  3. Emotional Impact of the project on the lives of people.

So we decided to tell the story in first person– from the perspective of a schoolgirl, who goes on this fascinating journey around the city discovering the new facilities and IT innovations with her teacher and classmates.


The video was an instant hit and established Schneider Electric’s entire solution capabilities and establishing SE as a front-runner that lead to many other Smart City projects. The video garnered 6K impressions and lot of social media buzz among the government levels. The Prime Minister took special note of it as the video was broadcasted across national TV channel and other on-line media.