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Daag Acche hai!

What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

Is it a brand video or a product video? Well we can have a long conversation over the topic but to be very frank any video that help create affinity towards the brand and build the brand story – is doing the job of a ‘Brand Video’ As long form copy is rapidly giving way to the 30-second script, brand video content is thriving more than ever before. At Creative Factor we had long understood that the power of video content and have used it effectively in its various forms.

But before we move forward lets discuss, what is this Brand video and why is it perceived to be made by companies that are big and have a lot of money?

How many times have you heard clients saying that right now focus on my promo/offer video, we will build the brand video later. Everyone thinks that these brand videos are special creature that requires lot of time, money and resources. Well then let’s define this brand video; ‘It is any video that drives awareness and contributes to the perception of your business and its offerings.’ And there are many kinds of Brand Videos.

At Creative Factor we have created many kinds of brand videos, that have leveraged the brand story through various formats, some of which are listed below.

  1. Vlogs- Essilor
  2. Vine- Style Hack
  3. Event videos- Lunar
  4. Interviews- Modicon
  5. Brand Presentation- Cambridge

So from slice-of-office life, to being on the job videos that showcase the culture of the company, to walk through a life cycle of a product in a plant, or an interview webinar that interviews industry experts via Skype.

Let's discuss one of the many brand video that we cherish a lot; Cambridge University Press was faced with a challenge in Maldives, to reposition it’s curriculum as the best suited for the growth and development for the Maldives school children. Creative Factor was assigned the task to solve the challenge and we chose to use video as a medium to drive awareness and consideration, to impact the policy makers in the government.

The story was a first hand narration of a 4 th grader schoolgirl who describes her one-day in school. The video captures how she learns, experiments, plays, invents and discovers a new world of opportunities every day at school. The video cleverly brought out the great connects of the Cambridge school curriculum, which not only enriched the student’s life but also helped them dreams big and connect with the outside world.

The brand video helped Cambridge University to rebuild the faith in their curriculum and education practice in Maldives. As Cambridge curriculum was not only licenced to continue for another 2 years but also acknowledged by the Maldives govt. as a pathfinder and a leader in building the nation.

Hence brand video should not be looked in a silo. When we are doing an interview of a customer, who is talking about a product or brand experience it is a Brand video as it reflects and builds the brand story. Brand videos are different from product videos, as they don’t push a product or make a sales spiel. They showcase the affinity and build a strong emotion, of awe, inspiration, joy or humour- something more than just money can buy.

When one sets out to create a brand video they should keep the following things in mind:

  1. Be useful/interesting to the target audience
  2. Should leave a strong emotion, whether that's awe, inspiration, joy or humour
  3. Include elements of the brand, without overloading the audience
  4. Need to be short and sweet
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