Showcasing your offering and promise to prospects at any Trade Show or Expo

Why do Brands participate in Trade Shows? Why do Brands participate in Trade Shows?

Trade Shows are a wonderful opportunity to showcase & demonstrate what your product or service is all about to a large congregation of individuals and organisations from the same industry or from the same eco system.

And it’s easier to talk to multiple prospects at customers over the 3 or 4 days at the expo and earn mindshare and future prospect of falling into the consideration of the consumer.

Trade show booths come at fairly high price and so the booth planning must be done in sync with your space affordability & your required essentials that need to be showcased.

How To Differentiate Your Booth From Others At The Expo?

There will be many participants at any Expo – some with deep pockets and some will have limited budgets. So, what you do at your booth apart from your displays, and marketing literature pay a key role in attracting and engaging with the visitors at the Expo.

Many Expos get serious visitors, as well as folks who come in to collect brochures, CDs, Literature and free gifts. But as a brand custodian you will not be able to decide who is a prospect, and end up spending time, resources, freebies etc., , which is part of the Expo participation experience!

A Few Examples To Stand Out & Get More Footfall In Your Booth At The Expo:

  • Innovative & Exquisite Design and production
  • Use of technology to showcase products & services
  • Visitor engaging experiential activities
  • Celebrity performances
  • Booths offering snacks and beverages
  • Booths offering gifts, vouchers, meal passes – through lucky draws
  • Free Trail sign ups
  • And Many more

Essentials To Partnering With Trade Booth Design Companies

There are many players in this space who, have proved their capabilities and have stood the ground even during turbulent times in the market. Some large brands have a long term relationship with booth design companies near to their geographies, and the trust and relationship is so strong that they will not switch to another booth design company even if the prices were competitive.

A competent Trade Booth Design Company will consider the following aspects when designing and executing a booth:

  • The Nature of the Expo, Participants profile, visitor’s profile
  • Other periphery events happening around the Expo
  • The Venue, city, attractions, logistic feasibility etc.
  • Location of the booth to be selected, the position and type of booth
  • Key products / services to be showcased and weightage of space allocation to each section / function
  • Understanding of Guidelines and restrictions by the organizer
  • Detailed discussions to understand the client’s requirement and experience they want to provide at the Expo
  • Space Planning, by considering all the zones that will be req at the booth
  • Creating a theme or concept, that is in sync with the Brand Guidelines
  • Extending the concept to the booth structural elements, communication elements, and engagement ideas
  • Material Selection
  • Structural and 3D designing, with multiple views / walk throughs
  • Knock down working diagrams, considering the lead time available for set up
  • Structural stability, aesthetic appeal and feasibility of executing the concept based booth at the expo venue
  • Detailed workflow and check list for all communication elements, with artworks and back ups
  • Documentation and Logistics plan for shipping of Demo products/units etc.
  • Logistics Plan & Check list for Booth structures, fixtures, experience providers, literature, gifts etc.
  • Trained & Experienced team management supervisor
  • Qualified resources to man the booth and drive the engagement & experience at the booth
  • Process and plan for daily booth management – infra and visitors
  • Plan for post expo knock down, documentation and shipping
  • Back plan for all elements of the expo

These are some of the basics, but every expo is unique and comes with its own set of interesting challenges, which make it a pleasure to work on.

Connect with us to help you plan your next Expo, and we assure you that you can see a stark difference in the way we plan your Trade show booth design and execution, when compared to other companies who are in the same practice.