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Brand is not
your logo

Foreword by Tridiv Das

Most Indian businesses focus their time in manufacturing products, creating solutions and designing services, all while ignoring the most critical aspect of their business - that is building the brand.


The hard side of being the boss

Foreword by Tridiv Das

Business is not one thing: it is many. As a professional, you know your work, and you are great in that, but then there are many areas where you are a complete amateur, and you make questionable decisions.


In a relationship with customer

Foreword by Tridiv Das

When you don't have deep pockets for marketing, you'll have to substitute it with hard work that is beyond your current efforts. If this sounds like a problem to you, then you probably need to focus on your activities.


The win-win

Foreword by Tridiv Das

There are many companies which have all the right people, resources and everything, and yet it fails to create the magic. Any company driven with a strong sense of purpose will survive almost every blow.


Pandemic And Beyond

Exclusive Whitepaper
April 2020

There are three kinds of worlds in which we live as a society globally. Most of our world and its decisions are mostly from the "Known Known" world. In this world, most people can diagnose the cause and effect so they can make the right decisions. Then there is a world of "Known Unknown" and most people begin to fumble here, as the cause and effect are not clear, it's a state where you know what is happening, but you don't understand how and why they are happening, much like driving on the road covered with dense fog. Then there's the "Unknown Unknown" world, where neither the cause nor the effect is evident.


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