Why your business needs a killer marketing strategy?

Many businesses understand the importance of a robust business plan, and many would focus their time and wealth into building solutions and products for their customers. Yet the most critical question remains, why you will not invest your time and money in finding the right customer? What is the point of running a business without customers? A killer marketing strategy is a must to attract, entice and keep the customer. Unless you are out there in the world, no one would know you exist and if they don't know you exist, how do you plan to do business? In economics, demand comes before supply, and to create 'demand' you need to invest in 'marketing'. We are a decade old integrated marketing consulting organisation, and we specialise in B2B marketing strategy and communication. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional marketing and communication strategies for our clients, so why won't you fill the form and connect with us today! We assist our client with marketing strategies as an extended team and following are the areas where you can count on us.

Brand Marketing Strategy

For many business leaders brand means the logo, and that is one of the silliest misconceptions that need to go. A brand is more than the logo or company name. Your brand is what people perceive about your business. The difference much like your name and who people think you are? The perception that your prospect client, customer, your employees, your partner, your investor have about your business sums up your brand. The problem lies in what they perceive and what you want to project. Without an effective brand strategy, their misperception about your business can result in loss of business, poor recall, and acceptance. The problem amplifies when you hire employees, and every employee can project a different image of your business. A brand is a guiding force, and it represents the personality and voice you want to reflect your audience. Connect with us now to get your brand marketing strategy right.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is not a thing; its a mix of multiple tactics, communication and experience. There isn't any 'one size fit all' digital marketing strategy. Marketing is about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, it means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. Businesses across the world leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, websites, influencers, online advertising, to connect with current and prospective customers collectively all these channels require a right mix and tactics to function effectively. The 2nd Important aspect of digital marketing is communication. While the digital tactics ensure you get the spotlight, what you communicate is going to be even more critical. Every medium demands a different kind of communication. Finally, all the effort has to create a unique experience that delights your prospect or customer. Don't approach digital marketing as a piecemeal initiative and connect with us to get the best of digital marketing strategy.

Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM)

When you are unveiling a new product or solution, the last thing you want is to waste time and resources bringing a product to market where or when it is not desired. This potential blunder is best avoided with an appropriate go-to-market strategy. Because without planning, it's impossible to know if you're chasing the wrong audience, you're too early or too late to the market, or the market is already too saturated with similar solutions. A go-to-market strategy is explicitly focused on delivering a product or service to an end customer. A GTM strategy focuses on finding the answers to the following questions

  • How do you connect with potential clients?
  • How do you offer a compelling value proposition?
  • How do you distinguish yourself from competitive firms?
  • How do you deliver on what you've promised?
  • How do you deliver the customer experience?

Partner Marketing Strategy

According to recent studies, partnership marketing is ranked as the 7th most impactful marketing technique for B2B companies – ranking above more commonly implemented marketing techniques such as event sponsorships, blogging, and even email marketing campaigns. Moreover, when we looked at the segment of high-growth B2B firms, we found that they were 3X more likely to use marketing partnerships as a part of their overall strategy. Partnership marketing is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship between a company and another organisation (s). Now, this definition is obviously to broad-based – but that is because most marketing partnerships have their unique attributes. Your company can partner with a company in which your solution can plan an important role Or you make something for which the other company has customers. Or your business compliments the other company's business. Connect with us to create a fully customise partner marketing strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy

Why should you be bothered about customer experience? To answer this question, we have another question, and that is how much growth your business would have achieved if you still had all the lost customers? The customer experience (CX) is the combined interactions a customer has with your brand. A CX strategy looks at the lifecycle of the customer, mapping every touchpoint the customer has with you. It highlights where you're delivering an exceptional experience, building loyalty and advocacy. And where you're providing a miserable experience, driving your customers to competitors. CX is essential for all kinds of business, from a local dentist to a large online retailer. Better customer experience translates into more profitability, reputation, loyalty, evangelist, followers. Talk to our CX expert today!