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Merchandising – The Art of Corporate Gifting for Business Benefits

What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

Corporate Gifts / Promotional giveaways are a beneficial medium to advertise one's business among their prospects and customers, as they are not like in the face advertising, and help in increasing brand recall, and might add a certain amount of influence in swinging purchase decisions.

And when compared to traditional advertising & marketing tools the cost per exposure or impression will be much lesser than what we would spend on traditional or digital mediums. Moreover all the mainstream media will give brand visibility only for the duration of the campaign, whereas in merchandising the medium serves its purpose till the time it is rendered useless or gets damaged. One can keep on adding the list of advantages or benefits of corporate gifting, and compare the cost savings / ROI against traditional mediums, and practices, and one can be assured that this medium emerges as a winner, provided it is used in the right manner, at the right time, at the right place, with the right audience etc.

Selecting & Executing a Gifting Merchandising project is an art by itself, and only very few people are able to do justice to it, and many a times, brands just pick up a gift, brand it with a basic message, place their logo and ship it / hand it over to their TG.

We have poorly designed loyalty and redemption programs, which are cumbersome to keep track of, besides the redemption process.

Successful brand custodians and their teams place great emphasis on the whole selection & execution process & methodology of corporate gifting and merchandising, to ensure that the item selected is of the right fit – both for them & the recipient, utility value, durability, suitability of the occasion etc.

We at Creative Factor have the expertise of working across different brands, verticals, and have sourced or custom made merchandise & gifts to suit a variety of events, milestones, occasions, innovative marketing communication collaterals, as experience drivers etc. We understand our client’s Brand philosophy, positioning, belief system and work closely with their custodians to design, craft, prototype, and deliver a great gifting experience for their customers.

Key Parameters to be followed when selecting merchandise for any campaigns or project:

  • There has to be match or correlation between the shortlisted gift items and the event / occasion / project etc, for which it is being sourced & the brands philosophy
  • Who is the user of the gift, what are likely to be his tastes and will he appreciate this gift, when almost all companies are trying to lure their customers / employees/suppliers etc through gifts
  • What is the durability of the merchandise
  • Does it allow ample real estate for branding & communication, space for CTA, and is it also serving a utility
  • Is the gift serving the above purpose, and can it also serve as a tool to influence people other than the recipient, who come in contact with it
  • The communication on the merchandise needs careful planning, and has to be in sync with human psychology, and should resonate the occasion for sharing the gift
  • The aesthetics and form factor of the gift, should compliment the Brand Identity framework, and should be easy to reinforce branding & recall
  • The gift should be interesting enough to entice the recipient to share more details about him/her, their business while collecting the same
  • Customise the gifting for each occasion, and as far as possible it is better to generalise it, unless it is being specifically created for mass consumption
  • Finally never compromise on the quality, a cheap & poorly executed merchandising exercise will not add any value to the brand, rather it creates a very bad rub off.

We have poorly designed loyalty and redemption programs, which are cumbersome to keep track of, besides the redemption process.

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