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Brand and Customer Experience Centers the future of Marketing in a Digitally cluttered world.

What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

Personalising the Engagement with the customer through experience centers.

Today’s fast paced world, propelled by the millennials & Gen Z have a plethora of options thrown at them with the power of the internet, and this is creating a radical shift in the consumer’s preferences and choices.

All brands are having a tough time influencing these prospects, and the way out is to Create memories, through interpersonal engagement & experience, and Experience is a key differentiator in swinging the purchase decision and increasing loyalty.

Consumers who experience the brand are more likely to remember the brand, the impact it created on them through the experience and could influence their future purchases. And Experience centers serve the purpose of building and nurturing customer relationships. These Experience Centers serve as a single window opportunity to showcase all the products and services that a brand has to offer to its prospects, and go by different names:

  • Demo Centre
  • Brand Experience Centre
  • Customer Experience Centre
  • Exclusive Brand Store
  • Brand Lounge

We have poorly designed loyalty and redemption programs, which are cumbersome to keep track of, besides the redemption process.

One must not confuse an Experience Center to a Sales Counter or channel as the main focus here is to let the consumer get immersed with the brand through positive engagements and the outcome is to create a pool of informed brand loyalists who might consider your product or service when they have a need.

A well thought through experience center must involve all the senses of the consumer and create an everlasting memory of happy & positive experiences. An Experience center is like staging an act, and it needs to be well scripted and executed. Like in a play, the core content and themes need to get refreshed periodically to have variety in delivering the brand experience, without too much alteration to the infrastructure.

Technology plays a key role in bringing alive the immersive experience apart from the actual touch and feel of the product, and Experience center designers should seamlessly integrate digital and physical experiences to create a long lasting impact.

The main advantage of the Experience Center is that it allows the brand to draw the consumer to their location, where they can showcase all their offerings under one roof, and hospitality, presentation, amenities, tools, aids and props play a significant role in staging the experience, differentiating it from the competition to have a real influence on the consumer.

Integrating technology, the internet, Social Media & a thought through CRM platform can go a long way in personalising the experience from welcoming to follow up post the visit, and subsequently leading to a sale.

We have poorly designed loyalty and redemption programs, which are cumbersome to keep track of, besides the redemption process.

Size does not matter

When designing an experience center, the focus should not be on the size or the scale, but on the content & the journey of the experience. Every step that a consumer might take into the center has to be thought through and the designer should spot opportunities for interaction and use the tools – physical and digital to craft the experience design and direct the journey in a way to create a favorable outcome for the brand.

Type of Experience Centers:

  • Stand alone
  • Shop in Shops
  • Inside Factories & assembly units
  • Mobile Experience Centers

The most important element of an Experience centre is its functionality to standout and imprint memories through unique, memorable, and authentic experiences, where customers can unwind, discover, mingle & socialise, get entertained, truly experience and relate to their brand, which will result in building the business.

Our team of Experience Designers, Space Planners, Architects, show directors & technology integrators have the expertise in designing & executing Experience Centres for a diverse range of verticals.

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