Experiential Communication

Innovation Summit 2018 - The roaring success of effective experiential marketing

The innovation 2018 Schneider Electric being the leader in energy management and automation space wanted to discuss and showcase the best of IoT enabled futuristic technology to the Indian audience and make them experience the onset of powering the digital economy of India.


To establish a positioning and to create an impressive recall experience, the organization had to put together a world class summit that fosters a confluence of target audiences from Technology providers, Technology Users and Designers to Government and Regulatory bodies.

A well-planned experiential setting should be established to showcase the event live to the audience who won’t be able to attend the event physically.



We helped formulate an event where the guests look forward to sharing visionary insights from thought leaders, expert learning sessions, one-to-one meetings with members of Schneider Electric senior leadership team and a fully operational innovation hub displaying innovation in action.


The innovation summit 2018 - Powering the Digital Economy of India was a massive success. The event took place in Delhi and more than 2000 delegates from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh attended the physical event.