Experiential Communication

Adobe comes up with a comfort space to work from!


Adobe analyzed that with the rise in gig culture, more and more work was being produced at cafés. As a nod to this culture, the organization wanted to establish comfortable space to work from and make it experiential.


The struggle to curate an experience targeted towards UI/UX creators and hook them to the idea of a workspace. The increasingly tighter timelines they face must be addressed with efficient workflows and supporting tools integrating a work area that provides a seamless experience.


We helped create an experience and gamified the process to include a wow factor. The interactive game is that of a 2v2 Jigsaw battle where both teams try to finish piecing the puzzle before the other, while a sand timer trickles down. The team that wins gets a goody bag with Adobe branded everyday items like coffee mugs and more.

Another engagement option was to launch a creative cloud challenge where the participants can click and upload creative and interesting photos of the logo of “Adobe” in and around their environment on Adobe Instagram and Facebook pages. Apart from that, we also designed other interactive engagement tactics for maximum participation like “Snacks from Adobe” and “U- Eye”


The whole experience increased activity among UI/UX designers and the participants won exciting branded prizes from Adobe, extending the reach of the brand name and establishing a specific target audience for the brand.