Event Management – Beyond the Basics

Who is an Event Manager, is it an individual consultant or an organization?

What defines the role of an Event Management Agency or partner?

What is the measurement parameter to evaluate an Event Management Partner?

All these questions have the same & simple answer, which revolves around the basic principles of trust, assurance and the emotional comfort of the belief that one places in the event manager.

Why Are We Unique As An Event Management Organisation?

  • • We represent you at your event, and we ensure that every touch point, across every guest is a seamless, transparent and truly represents you and your organization.
  • • We understand your need to host the event, and we are geared to help you realise your vision for the same
  • • We know, your expectations and we can see visualize your dreams, and give life to it
  • • We start from the basics and keep a tab on all the small nuances that make an event a great experience
  • • We have the ability to not only Manage your event, we can help you conceptualize your event, and get it executed to the last T as per your brand guidelines.
  • • We take pride in being your host to - plan for you, source for you, ensure timely services, manage guests, bring to life the guest experiences, and create an innovative Event Experience for your invitees

Why Are We Unique As An Event Management Organisation?

  • • We are your extended team, which means that we are equal stake holders in the success of your event
  • • We are Event Architects, which means that we can think, design, create, execute events along with you, while aligning to the principles and guidelines of your business
  • • We are not biased, and come with a backing of lot of Human & Emotional insights across multiple diaspora to think, blueprint, craft and create a great event environment
  • • We go beyond the basics of venue management – we are the true event experience experts, and we collaborate with a large eco system of diversified professional enablers across the globe to deliver our promise to our clients
  • • We know what it means to your organization’s business to spend on Event Initiatives, and we work in tandem with your team to ensure that you get the most out of event investment for your business

Memories Are The Key To A Successful Event

Every event needs to have a unique journey so that it is memorable, and creating those memories are the success parameters of a seasoned Event Management Company/ Professional.

Building & delivering those experiences require a very involved and deep understanding of what a client wants and it’s the Event Management professional / agency’s job to get to the bottom of it.

Its all about experiences – People don’t remember what was presented, what they had for lunch or dinner, or what they spoke to their peers – but people will never forget experiences, and that’s the key to Managing an Event, successfully.

Our Event Management Philosophy

We work with our clients from ground zero, where we take equal responsibility to ensure that the event is a success, and we get our hand dirty right from concept to closure of the event.

Our clients look up to us for our unwavering commitment to conceptualize, blueprint, create workflow, engage with 3rd party vendors / artists etc., to give life to their events and make them memorable, in India and across the globe.

We take pride in managing our client’s events as our own, and we live by that philosophy, every member of our core team is aligned, know what their responsibility is to ensure that each element of the event is seamlessly integrated, & the client & their guests are thoroughly engaged, entertained with meaningful experiences

The Key To Building The B2B Event Experience

The most important factors to make a B2B Event Memorable are:

  • • Content
  • • Context
  • • Both mixed with the relevant B2B situations
  • • Added to it an element of real life incidents, and anecdotes
  • • Bring on board an anchor, who can relate, narrate, speak their language and
  • • Create a platform, where the attendees can engage, interact and cherish the memories
  • • Understanding the attendees, their background, their interest, likes, dislikes, the host, their priorities, Business objectives, and matching them with the prospect invitees.
  • • Building an agenda which is balanced with serious stuff on business and lighter moments of Business Priorities
  • • Pruning the presenters to get aligned with the overall experience of the Event, so everything is seamless, irrespective of the geographies, demographics etc.