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In today’s world everyone – a business, an individual, a trust, a club, for that matter almost everyone in this world needs a digital address. And depending on the wants and needs the address can be an exclusive one like a customized website or a shared accommodation in the Digital Social World, which by its nature extends a lot of customisation to represent an individual or business as it deems fit, and also allows you to transact.

One needs to be clear on what is the outcome, that they expect from their website or digital footprint. Many times businesses tend to get misguided and focus on things like platform, aesthetics, colour, imagery, hosting, etc. during the initial days of planning for a website. While all these things are equally important, the most basic thing is to think through the functionality of the website, the ease of navigation, sequential user journey, related content, search friendliness, CMS, Database Management, Dynamic, highly functional

And every day a new technology or trend gets defined, based on advancements and user preferences, and benchmarks being set, as users find new ways to innovate, do things faster and with more finesse than earlier times.

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Some of the basics that need to be factored while designing & developing a highly functional and modern website are:

  • Expected User Experience
  • Purpose of having the website & expected outcome
  • Search Friendly Content in multiple formats
  • Simple yet, highly efficient & functional architecture
  • Optimisation & Meta tagging
  • Robust SEO
  • Simple Content Management System
  • User stickiness
  • Collaborative & Multiuser interface
  • Scalable Database System & RDBMS
  • Multi Device compatibility
  • High Speed loading & search within the site
  • Plug in of 3rd party Apps etc. to make the site simple to create
  • Leveraging AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing to predict browser behavior and design the site to be able to respond in Realtime
  • Voice Responsiveness & Search, fueled by the wide penetration of IOT
  • Tone of voice of the site content, as humans generally tend to search online, like they would do in an offline world – in conversation style
  • Ease of Use and Motion User Interface
  • Aesthetically pleasing UI / UX with minimalist design
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Platforms, Hosting & Certification
  • Integration of bots, AI driven messaging and response tools
  • Backend integration with CRM & Sales Management tools
  • VR & AR integration if the functionality demands

Building a Dynamic & Efficient website requires the full involvement of the client & the agency involved, and calls for detailed discussions, and creating a blueprint before even creating the site architecture.

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Moreover the creation of a website requires the involvement of not just designers & developers, but rather it requires the involvement of Strategists, Creative Folks, Business Planners, heads of the organisation and of course sales and marketing heads.

Our team of Experienced Strategists, Designers, Developers, integrators have expertise in giving life to your dynamic digital footprint.

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