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Is Digital Go-to-Market merely the digitisation of good old Go-to-Market Strategy?

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Pause and think again. A few things have changed historically, along with the emergence of new possibilities. Historically, a Go-to-Market Strategy (GTM) begins when a product or a service is ready for its market. A good GTM strategy includes persona development of a target audience, a creative story, proposition and an extensive 360-degree media plan covering all touchpoints to engage with the audience.

The pandemic has made many changes to this multi-step approach to the Go-to-market strategy. The obvious one is the usage of only Digital Media. However, there are many changes, first amongst them is the limitations of the sales team. Restriction of physical customer experience of the product and services, and finally, it is about digital fatigue.

There are new possibilities, too, like reducing the number of steps to execute the strategy can be shorter. One can experiment and test digital launch on lower budgets. Can close loop the customer journey from awareness to purchase and repeat purchase.

Today’s go-to-market campaigns are much shorter, swift and cover all the aspects of a customer journey.

“Today, you see great content on Instagram, hit the shop now button, move the item in the cart, make the purchase, and your package arrives a few days later”

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However, this logic is correct only for B2C brands and suitable for impulsive buying. For B2B Companies, A Digital Go-to-Market Strategy requires a more matured approach. Considering the long buying cycle and without any physical proximity to a prospect, persuading a b2b customer is a lot more challenging.

At Creative Factor, we specialise in B2B Marketing, and we are assisting our clients in bridging the digital divide and connecting with the prospect over digital platforms using our Step by Step Strategic Digital Marketing framework. We inch closer to the target audience.

Our Strategic Framework emerges from our more in-depth understanding of B2B customer psychology. No B2B customer likes a direct sales approach. However, they are open to new ideas and possibilities in their realm and most interested in the outcomes. Finding the right content for initiating a dialogue is the first step, which requires in-depth industry knowledge. And it is an essential facet. If you don’t get this right, the rest of the steps won’t matter.

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Our two decades of expertise in IT and Manufacturing Industries clubbed with our research, and strategic abilities allow us to develop the most compelling story. It encourages our audience to participate in digital dialogues.

“It is not a one size fit all strategy”

Every Digital B2B Go-to-Market Campaign requires research, planning and meticulous execution capabilities. Our in house team is built just for that. Our specialised team includes market research, strategy, creative, media planning, digital operations and digital support professionals—everything under one roof.

Over the decade, we have conceptualised and delivered hundreds of successful Digital Go-to-Market Campaigns that have won customer appreciation and industry awards. Year on year, we work closely with our B2B Clienteles as their strategic partner and extended marketing team to churn out the most effective and result-oriented campaigns. It is almost like magic.

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