Digital Marketing

Schneider Electric Thrives Through Announcing Merger


With the merger of L&T E&A business, Schneider Electric wanted to announce the details to the employees of both the companies in 6 countries. For this, the organization wanted to conduct a virtual event, as an attempt to establish a communication with the newly acquired teams.


The merger happened during the pandemic, so the communication put out should not only concentrate on the announcement but also address the ongoing crisis of the pandemic with a hopeful tone.

Through Digital Marketing, the event should communicate a message of confidence to the employees of L&T and share the new vision of the company. It should introduce new leadership, their missions and policies while keeping the motivation high among employees.


After understanding the brief and studying the merger, we crafted a seamless virtual event experience which will not only pass the information but also will help the employees of L&T gain confidence in Schneider Electric.

We designed a 360 virtual event, with the central theme: Infinite Possibilities. The campaign strategy included creating a pre-event buzz, managing and creating event assets, videos, interactive sessions and office & factory brandings. The history of Schneider Electric was perfectly portrayed through videos from the leadership. A newsletter was created to keep the employees updated on new developments.


The digital marketing campaign turned out to be immensely successful. The virtual event rose above the standards by retaining the attention and motivation of the audience. The immersive event grabbed the attention of every participant.