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Why pay for Media when you can build your own media IP.

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The future of marketing is content marketing, was the mantra of Brand & Marketing Pundits till a few years ago. Content marketing, a very old marketing tool is the art of sharing valuable information among the TG as a tool to attract, generate leads, build a sales funnel, and foster brand awareness and credibility.

The new & the future trend as an evolved avatar of content marketing is brand publishing, which essentially means that the brand facilitates the running of stand alone publishing house, serving the interest of patrons & consumers who share similar interests, and is self-sustainable over a period of time, without overtly infusing the content with the facilitator brand’s products and services.

All content marketing practising companies, cannot become brand publishers, as it’s not about the volume of content, or the frequency of the content being published, but its more to do with being a thought leader, a visionary, and a neutral platform, where consumers can find answers for most of their most queries, allows cross interaction and allows the subscribers to participate, contribute & share.

Brand publishing is not just another marketing tool, rather it’s a complete business unit by itself, capable of becoming self-sufficient, and may also generate revenues in the long run, if planned and executed properly. And once the IP is built and proved there are many ways to monetise it, apart from using the platform for increasing the reach of the facilitator brand’s products or services.

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Brand publishing as a strategy is not for everyone, and definitely not for brands who are looking out for quick conversions of their products and services via their content marketing initiatives, and who look at it as a cost centre. Content marketing is the starting point for all brands who believe in brand publishing, and the transformation journey is a multi-stage process like our academic benchmarks progression, as shown below.

Brand Stage of evolution to Brand Publishing Traits
High School Creates Product related content, narrates value provided by the Brand
Higher Secondary School Facilitates - TG driven content, Consumer Education, creation of value
Graduation Grows content nos & frequeny, Defined processes in place, recognised as a thought leader, and has dedicated individual to manage IP
Master's Program Has multiple platforms/channel to host & manage content, Leader, influences community, has a decicated team managing the IP
PhD and Doctorate Stand alone revenue gegeration content publiser/Media House & facilitator, Monetised & scale to multipe formats

The commitment to move from content marketing to brand publishing is a big one that is not right for every company. It requires a separate strategy, sales organization, delivery team, and in many cases, a separate digital technology team, and most importantly its current business should be profitable and be operational smoothly, with process systems and processes in place.

Today, People don’t want to be interrupted when they are going through content, and they don’t want to be sold something. They want education, inspiration, community & a sense of belonging.

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Brand publishing is a user-first approach to content marketing, and its starts when brands change thinking like marketers and begin thinking like media companies. They generate content purely to add value, build trust, and nurture a community & not to drive sales. They don’t just manage a blog, but invest on teams, resources, infrastructure and processes that manages the marketing department operate more like a media house, working to create print magazines, run independent websites, webisodes, record podcasts, release videos, host events, sell branded merchandise etc. The media choices might vary but the core belief across is to add long term value to a niche set of consumers & prospects.

Benefits of Brand Publishing:
  • A Media IP that binds TG with common interests
  • A captive community who are interested in areas that matter to the brand’s business
  • Positions the brand as an industry thought leader
  • Build Brand Recall, and be in the consideration list when consumers look to buying products and services in that domain
  • A stock house of information, data, insights, analysis and resource centre for the industry
  • Networking & Collaboration platform
  • Monetisation & additional revenue stream

Building a successful brand publishing site calls for a long term vision, strategy and everyone in the brand side should consider it as business decision, and make a long term commitment to build, nurture and manage the platform to reap the benefits, and requires a radical shift in the mindset of the people and calls for specialised resources to be hired / placed at different stages of the progression.

Our team of strategists, planners and operational experts, have the expertise to create the blue print & execute a successful brand publishing program, leveraging our strengths and capability to hire, train & nurture the right resources to sustain the initiative, on an outsourced model.

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