What is your brand story?

Feb 24, 2016 | Business Communication
Christy Kuruvilla

"Be yourself because everyone else is already taken."- Oscar Wilde

Today what really matters is 'how you portray yourself' and 'the perception you create'. So, how do we do it- by creating authentic and genuine stories. We always look for someone who shares something genuine with us that we cherish, enjoy and get inspired from. To create an impactful brand story, it is important to have love and respect for customers, and remove the illusion of separation. Every company should believe in the mantra that they are not separate from the customers but are always a part of them. But how to create an influential brand story?

Whether you know it or not, your organization has created a brand story already. The major question is whether it's working for or against you. It's all a perception that really matters. But how are you perceived by the customer. Your brand is not just a logo or a tagline. It's much more. Neither the physical attributes of your products nor does the depth of your services define you as a brand. At the end of the day, your brand is tied to the emotional reaction people have when you think about your products.

Let's say you want to gift a bicycle to your child. And, at the bicycle store one bicycle is described in two different ways by two sales representatives. One of them provides you with the basic feature of the cycle- "the bicycle has two wheels, shiny handlebars, a black coloured seat, and a basket." While the other salesman tells you- "the bicycle is engineered and designed by the technicians at Volvo." Ideally your perception about the bicycle would change after the second description. Now it's not just a bike, it's synonymous with 'safety' and that would be safest bike you could buy for your child.

But are you clear on this vision of building a perception? Unlock new inspiration; provide a deeper understanding of what makes your company special. This is where we help you create an influential and impactful brand story- 'Stories that stay forever'. This is where branding becomes more important than ever. Since brands are not only what they say, but also what they do, a brand workshop exercise will definitely help balance the aspiring goals of the company with recognition of its capabilities.

Create your own brand story with branding

Brand workshop is a key opportunity to rally the leadership team of the company under one roof to have productive conversations about collaborating on re-imagining your brand to newer heights. The result is a meaningful understanding of what your brand's purpose is and a solid positioning that reflects your vision, mission and culture. Breaking through the clutter, it will give actionable solutions to resolve your pressing challenges.

It helps in aligning the organisation towards a goal, re-creates the vision and mission of the organisation and puts a structure to it.

    >It helps organisation realise it's DNA, and develops the culture.
    >It improve perceptions and performance, internally and externally.
    >Helps in creating greater loyalty and better margins
    >Brings forth competitive differentiation and preference

The highlight of the workshop is that, it will not only define the brand, but also help the client understand where guidelines are needed for future communication materials. The marketing tools can then be produced with the confidence that content is consistent with the agreed brand guidelines.

Our 'Brand Story' workshops are intended to get everyone in your organization who 'touches your brand' on the same page. This can include top level management, marketing and sales people, key vendors and more. It's a learning and discovery process coupled with in-depth exercises that build your brand to newer heights.


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