The Two Halves Of Life

Aug 02, 2018 | Food for Thought

Life, as discovered and lived every day, primarily, is divided into two halves. Let's help you discover and understand the two divisions.

When you lead a life of want, you lead a very busy life. There's too much pressure and it's often frustrating when you don't get what you want. The problem with 'want' is that there is always something to ask for, it is never-ending. It is what stems from peer pressure regardless of age - pressure to look good and better than others. You want to win no matter how. You hate to make mistakes, let alone admitting it. You lead an arrogant life. You believe your popularity is what matters and without it, you are good for nothing and depression is never-ending. But without the 'wants' you may not have so much drama in life. These wants, create little joys; you buy that make your day special. Want for something is not too bad, overindulgence is the problem.

When you lead a life of purpose, you have planned your way forward. Your approach to life is creative because your purpose demands a scientific approach. You follow a discipline and people recognise you by your purpose and passion rather than your possession. You inspire others and create a magnetic field for others to come towards you. You lead a life of humility and look beyond yourself. Your personal limitations are no longer a deterrent instead you often surprise yourself with the impact you make on others. But with too much purpose, life can get too serious. You may forget to look after yourself; avoid little things for larger impacts.

Juggling the two halves

We have one life and you are the commander of your life. You must find the right balance between the two.
When you see too many incidents in one bucket, you should know that you need to move to the other for a while.


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