The Business of Communication

Jul 21, 2014 | Business Communication

I’ve been often asked by my friends and clients that “what all you do, you do creatives, you do print campaigns, social media, events, exhibitions, app development and god knows what not” and followed by one question “why not do only one thing?”. They get amazed when I tell them that I am in the business of communication. Its a timeless journey, from the walls of the caves to the walls of social media. Truth is we need communication for our existence and specialising the subject matter needs a deeper look rather than scratching the surface. Its not about literature and certainly not about the medias of the world. Its all about how a business is communicating with its ecosystem.

There are two key aspects to communication one is the context of the communication and other is the medium through which one could deliver the communication. For every Business to thrive, they constantly need to be in communication with their eco-system members, without which their existence will be limited. As the business grows bigger, it becomes even more challenging to maintain the communication.

If you notice, you have many friends and associates on your Facebook and Linkedin Profiles, however you don’t have enough context to reach out to them, you will probably end up interacting with limited sets of people not more that 10-20 (Considering “likes” as fleeting glance), while you have over 500 connections.

The business of communication involves creating new context and effectively reaching out to the targeted eco-system members. It becomes challenging as a business makes certain range of products and services and cater to certain set of audiences. Finding something new to talk about it therefore a daunting task. We do this exercise every day and for last 18 years I have been living it.

It has many theories attached to it, which allows one to go deeper rather than scratching the surface. The most important part is that for any communication to work, it should sound like and opportunity for its audience, if that is missing than the communication has no relevance.

The shortfall of this business is that you cannot multiply it like a production assembly and therefore it is highly dependent on resources and the amount of investigation they can do on their own to get hold of the context of the communication.

Why one should do it? because it is timeless. The business of communication is never ending, while the mediums may keep changing. Currently the business of communication has been divided as per mediums which is perhaps making professionals obsolete with its medium unless they get this perspective – either you write communications for a medium v/s you write communications for humans.

Here’s quick note on how to develop a new context and thereby altering the complete way of working, Consider today is friday and you have been given too many task to deliver, If you see it like burden you will end up tired, frustrated and angry which will eventual result in unproductive work. If with communication we alter this point of view which says “Have a high performance weekend” than you will bring forth your passion and commitment, with that you will be highly active and you will be acknowledge on monday for the efforts you have made. eg. Much like if a ball is coming to you at 200 miles per hour, as an ordinary human you will move away from it, but as a player you leap at it as it appears to be an opportunity.

Crafting powerful communications can alter your actions, your organisation’s actions, your Customer’s actions, your partner’s actions, your investor’s action. And that is the Business of communication.

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