Social media marketing for SMEs

Jan 23, 2015 | Business Communication

The time is now!

‘Hands down, the biggest mistake small businesses are making on social media is NOT using social media.’


Social media marketing revolves around natural, genuine conversations between people about something of mutual interest. A conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. Social media is a space defined by the consumer who is in control. It involves conversations, not repeated and directed messages focused on the brand. The message is adapted and shared depending on the consumer interest and response, resulting in an indirect and organic influencing of the consumer.

This type of ‘conversational marketing’ follows certain rules. They are:
The purpose of the conversation is to create and improve understanding and not to “deliver messages.”
There is no “audience” in conversation, only partners, friends, associates.
People in conversations don’t repeat the same thing over and over –they move on.
Conversations are about listening and talking, not announcing.
Conversation is live, and constantly moving and changing.

The motivations for people being on social media are different- thus the same kind of message would not attract all sections. People use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, or connecting to old friends they have lost touch with. They may also use it to reach out to people with common interests. This gives the opportunity of targeting specific groups, with content tailored to appeal to that particular segment. Each ‘fan’ of your business has a cycle – first they are introduced to your business, then they participate in discussions with like minded people. Healthy discussions lead them to first adopting the brand, then evangelizing for it, then becoming a part of the community who in turn introduces other people to the brand.

Since social media is not composed of only one platform, it is also essential for businesses to determine the correct ‘social media mix’ or the platforms on which they can have maximum visibility to their target audience. The framework for identifying your correct social media mix is as follows:

Find your purpose –
Do you want to influence leads, provide pre sales and post sales information, increase your brand awareness or engage your customers and provide customer support?

Know your target audience –
Which particular social media platform caters to a particular set of your target audience? Insight about the kind of population present on each media platform will tell you how to segment your approach.

Focus on your efforts –
Coordinate your messages across various platforms. Keep your business website at the centre and drive traffic to it from all other sources.

Keep your business website at the heart of all efforts
This is the space you own and control and should be as customer friendly and informative as possible.

Promote your product
Social media allows you to promote your product, offer, event etc at a much lower cost.

When properly utilized, the power of social media can completely transform your business.

Creative Factor Integrated Marketing is a strategic brand, design and marketing consultancy firm. Started in 2009, we hold expertise in orchestrating various marketing initiatives to compliment your brand, and have been involved in several successful social media strategies for both large and small businesses. Our in house team of digital media specialists, media planners, copywriters and designers ensure that all the key services of social media marketing are delivered to you.


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