See, hear, smell, taste, touch and think - Experiential Marketing is the next big thing

Feb 29, 2016 | Experiential Management
Christy Kuruvilla

Sometimes an idea can transform into a tangible element that has an impact in the physical world. The chance to touch, feel and respond to such an idea, rather than being taught, makes a world of difference for people. Whether it ranges from product trials to street-corner events to uniquely themed cultural extravaganza, it is sure to fuel word of mouth. If such an approach stirs positive emotion in people, then they are more likely to associate those emotions with your brand. This is what we call the art of 'Experiential Marketing'. Experiential Marketing as a concept is not new. There have been countless high-impact activations in the past. The integration of digital media with experiential marketing has propelled its impact to higher levels. These connected experiences that put user at the center creates a place for your brand in their networks and newsfeeds.

Experiential marketing as an approach can be more effective than any kind of advertisement, or a social media post in enabling personal connection between brands and consumers by creating real-life experiences that are worth sharing. Approximately 45% of consumers around the world value experiential marketing as having the greatest impact on them and around 80% of consumers stated that experiential marketing is more likely to provide them with information - than any other form of communication. The differentiating factor being, it's all about showing rather than telling, when done right, can be most powerful tool to win brand loyalty.

Intellectual Property Events in the new age marketing

An Intellectual Property (IP) event is a win-win platform for any brand. It's an opportunity to create annual engagement which when scripted correctly brings together all brand loyalists, existing customers, prospects and enthusiasts. Assuring constant brand engagement can also create lasting conversations when online and offline channels of marketing are both integrated.

To deliver quantifiable results, it's the challenge of every IP event to understand the client's real expectations. If done right, an IP event in the new age marketing can be rewarding as it helps generate the desired Return on Investment (ROI) for the brand.

Creating an IP event is indeed a successful brand promotion idea and also about connecting consumers with brands through live face to face interactions, creating personal and relevant memories. Statistics show it clearly that consumers are being flooded with traditional advertising and from there experiential marketing picked up really well in the last 3-4 years across the world.

Your benefits of owning an Intellectual Property event

    >Creating brand loyalty and constant engagement
    >Ongoing monitoring and updates
    >Lead generation and seamless transfer of customer data
    >Single point of contact for your worldwide patent
    >Generating ROI
    >Flexible reporting on a periodic basis
    >Full transparency of IP portfolio data
    >Significant time and effort savings on marketing
    >Centralised management of associated events

If you are intending to create such an experience for your customers through a memorable experiential marketing campaign, please feel free to contact us and drop your queries in the comment section below. With our expertise in integrated marketing services, we are ready to provide distinct solutions crafted for your brand to engage with your customers.


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