Mystery Unfolds: Employee Engagement Simplified!

Nov 24, 2017 | Business Management
Varalakshmi Dwaraknath

The concept of engagement brings in productivity as its key result. In the work life spectrum of an employee, the average employee retention period fluctuates from 6 months to 2 years. Not because of salary; not even because of stern team leads or Managers. It is simply due to the disregarded sense of purpose. To achieve their desired goals, businesses should come forward to create a holistic employee engagement program, which will help in boosting their productivity and give out great results.

So, how can one create a community of engaged employees?

Transform the Work Pattern

When employees are working in silos and not working collectively towards one vision, businesses fail to draw their expected outcomes. So, organizations must weave a policy that aligns the working pattern of their employees with the purpose and goals of their business.

Remind them Who they are

Inculcate thought leadership qualities in your employee's mind. This process will help them build a reliable and robust environment for themselves and the organization. Also, remind them that their existence has a purpose to drive an inspiring outcome, as they are the change masters who will contribute towards a massive growth of the organization.

Allow them to Take Decisions

Employees tend to be highly active, when a crucial work or problem-solving situation comes to their table. When an organization gives the power and responsibility to its employees, the scope of engagement and productivity is estimated to increase up to 60%

Take up our Brand Workshop

Our immersive 2-day Brand workshop is exclusively designed to help companies or growing organizations to identify their challenges, gaps, internal cultural differences and different visions among the employees that impede the organization's growth. Our constructive approach and critical insights help businesses in revisiting and aligning the purpose of existence with their employees and accomplish their goals successfully.

As stated by Ian Hutchinson, Employee Engagement is an investment we make for the privilege of staying and growing in business.

Hence, a business with highly engaged employees stands out as the growth leaders of the future.


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