Making the most of Experiential Marketing

Mar 21, 2016 | Experiential Management
Pallavi Sinha

B2B companies invest a huge amount of their marketing dollars in executing events, besides time and resources. But, are these companies making most of what they are spending? Most businesses worldwide still pursue run of the mill experiential marketing strategies, which limit them from receiving the most on the investments.

Here's a reality check

Missing intelligence in audience targeting

Most B2B companies have databases of customers, most of which is either their existing customer base or what their sales team has managed to capture over the years. Therefore, the default invitees are usually the same customers. Question is, what about the new prospect? Have your ever considered social targeting?

Poor content strategy

Most events are simply an 'overdose of brand's solutions' rather than incisive perspectives towards the industry. The content of any event is predominantly sales driven, which most prefer to avoid and therefore there are multiple dropouts. Sociologist, Vance Packard in his 1957 best-seller, 'The Hidden Persuaders' argued the use of emotionally hidden messages, because the message is hidden, the viewer's critical resistance is evaded and minimized.

Adding to the chaos

Events like weddings are chaotic all the time, the key speakers are always surrounded by some people, an intelligent question is, what about the people who wish to ask or interact but didn't get the opportunity? Have you considered a simple digital appointment scheduler?

Networking without drinks

Worldwide drinking and driving has been banned. Earlier people preferred attending evening networking events over a drink, however today it's a social and moral responsibility not to drink, and drive back home. Well, if drinks aren't offered, we can have some intelligent conversation. How about breakfast meetings?

Discover digitally integrated Experiential Marketing

An effective solution to all the above scenario is 'digitally integrated experiential marketing campaigns'. It makes sense to address all the above challenges with the integration of social and digital platforms, and effective content driven strategies.

Wondering how to get started with experiential marketing campaigns? Well, we at Creative Factor have solutions for all your digital and experiential events. We understand the importance of lead nurturing. To know more about our integrated marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

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