Inventing Future!

Jul 17, 2014 | Business Management

Everyone is intrigue with the context of future and the uncertainties that are attached to it. Future has the answer to your question? really?. I believe everyday millions of people read their “horrorscope” (Pun Intended) on their latest smartphone app. There is nothing wrong with it and its completely ok to follow the practise. The truth is we all have to die, and that is perhaps the inevitable future. We can die leading our life inside the box or outside the box but that really doesn’t make any difference to the inevitable future. However we have a choice and that is to choose the journey.

Most people are simply wasting their time understanding “what is their real purpose of existence?” and they are waiting as if god will whisper their secret purpose someday. Infact google trend shows the statistical data of how many such searches has been made and from which country (Meaning of Life). Interestingly In last one year most searches are from Philippines, followed by USA, Australia, India, Canada and United kingdom.

I would rather suggest “Create that Purpose”. The moment you create the purpose, you will have new actions and a whole new experience of life. And that is the future you have really invented for yourself. You need not limit yourself by creating just one future but it could be many, as long as you are ready to live it.

As the history suggests, When Kennedy announced “the man on the moon” vision, there was no technology that could have carried a man to the moon, however within the next 5 years such technology came into existence and mankind etched their footsteps on the moon.

Inventing your future is a very powerful context and it is achievable, but you cannot be the only person in the future, you have to take people along.


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