Hope is not a strategy

Nov 13, 2014 | Food for Thought

Actions has outcomes – Hope Doesn’t.

We all hope that someday our miseries of life is going to end, some miracle would happen on its own and we will be sorted. Unfortunately, God helps those who help themselves.

I am not suggesting that we take hope away from people, as it offers the emotional comfort and allows the person to live through – a reason to survive, but if you look deeper, hope is allowing you to stay wherever you are and its making you complacent.

To get something, we must take some actions, and if those actions don’t produce the results, then we have got to find new actions which may or may not find us the desired results, but definitely does not leave you stagnant.

Most of us are reactive to life, we take actions when situations force us to, and mostly we are just hopeful, that something will happen on its own. But hope cannot be a strategy.

Most of us are trying to figure out work/life balance, it seems that these two dimensions are stretching us to different extremes, to the point where one would snap. And then hope, that some miracle will alter our life. May be a change of perspective is all thats needed to find the harmony between the two, and if you start looking for it you will find much more.

When sales teams across all business get their new targets, they can’t just be hopeful, they got to take actions. They need to review their actions, create new actions, look for new actions and perspectives.

50% of your challenges in life, can be resolved the moment you realise that hope is not your default strategy. New year resolutions do not work, because in most cases, the default strategy is hope.

The easiest way to catch yourself “hoping”, is when you know you have a goal or dream and you have not put the way forward in steps (Distance, Time & Space). And if you happen to have step forward, you must need to know where you are in your strategy, If you haven’t then you are back to the default strategy – hope!


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