Driving productivity at work in the age of Millennials.

Jan 09, 2019 | Business Management
Pallavi sinha

Discover how organisations can engage, win the trust and get the most out of millennials

If baby boomers were known for their social responsibility, and Generation X for their distinctiveness, then Millennials are known for being forward, bold, and quite notoriously - frequent job-hoppers! Their utter disdain towards bureaucracy, following protocols and trusting organisational hierarchies have left many business leaders in doldrums, scratching their heads and wondering how they can engage this - one of the most educated and culturally diverse generation of all time!

Over the past few years, numerous psychological studies have been conducted to understand their erratic pattern, and almost all of them concluded with a similar inference - If organisations help millennials see and connect with the greater picture, and breathe in some sense of purpose, then winning their loyalty is not as difficult as it seems.

For instance, most successful startups in the US today are helmed by millennials, who are passionate about what they are doing. They don't follow any decorum or hierarchy in particular, but instead follow their dreams and are strictly purpose driven. The ripple effect can now be seen in India, where the informal culture is deepening its roots, and as a result, most millennials are giving stiff working environments a miss!

The inner desire to look beyond simply punching a clock or meeting deadlines, drive most millennials to explore different professional terrains.

But, what happens when their passion and purpose is rightly aligned with the vision and mission of an organisation?


The gap between organisations and millennials is not of generation, but of approach to life! Bridging the gap will open up a plethora of growth opportunities for businesses, while millennials find meaning and impact in their work.

So, what does an organisation need to do to bridge this gap and improve their productivity?

Get a fresh perspective and a new outlook on their vision and mission with our 2 day interactive and immersive brand workshop. Revisiting their goals, and tweaking their approach wherever necessary will help businesses strike a chord with soul-searching millennials!

Establishing a fully functional brand culture that resonates with each and every member of the organization, most importantly millennials, is what will set a high growth standard for the business from where - sky is just the beginning!


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