Digital IP: Is your brand geared up for the future?

Jan 04, 2018 | Business Communication
Pallavi Sinha

At this moment in time, as you're reading, your prospects are out there online, consuming content from all around the web. It might be through any of the social platforms such as FB, Twitter, LinkedIn or through dedicated websites on specific topics of interest. Since, the platforms for interaction and entertainment have evolved to the cyberspace, it is imperative for brands to embrace the future of marketing. But in the sphere of digital marketing, strategies are not always set in stone, a specific set of factors have to be taken into account to reach and retain your customers.


The Warc Report predicted ad blocking will remain a significant issue in 2016. Therefore, the focus will be on content marketing which will seamlessly blend with user experience rather than interrupting them.

Non-organic Social Media

The lack of value from organic Facebook posts this year will result in the platform losing its edge for relationship marketing in 2016. Social media will be recognized as a channel, not a strategy.

Automation Tools

Automation ushers in next-gen contextual marketing. Contextual marketing will manifest into invaluable lessons in 2016, pushing marketers to build better individual customer connections, and leverage automation technology. The mantra for marketers will be 'quality over quantity' and really getting to grips with content marketing.


B2B organizations need to focus on target as against market. In 2016 there will be a greater pressure on 'Marketing Effectiveness - marketing qualified leads'. Therefore, as 'Marketers' our goal will be to build valuable relationships with qualified prospects

While such factors affect the reach of your brand across customers in multiple ways, it calls for a uniform content strategy that answers all such needs.

69% of B2C businesses are creating more content now than they did one year ago. Yet, only 27% say they have a documented content strategy. But how will you define a content strategy?

"Content strategy helps organizations provide the right content, to the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons."

Your brand's home in the digital future

At the heart of any Digital and Social content strategy is a content repository site, it's the place for all things marketing. We leverage all the media tools to ensure that this asset is alive. This repository site could be a blog or an Intellectual Property (IP).

Digital Intellectual Property is the current marketing trend that has been effectively used by brands to captivate and convert their prospects into customers.

The Way Forward

If you want delve deeper into the scope and reach of a Digital IP, here's a brand that grabbed the attention of not just customers but also industry leaders:

Kinekt Design, is a small family-run company that seeks to delight and intrigue the world with unique jewelry and product design, often inspired by interaction and movement. To drive traffic on their website they hatched a media business. They created a community 'Interesting Engineering', with the right mix of content strategy, which acquired 60 Lakhs followers on their Facebook page.

So buckle up and get your own digital IP started. Reach out to us to unleash your brand's potential to entice and engage your customers, and drive sales like never before.

Being the strategic business consulting and communication firm, we have an adept knowledge of developing a comprehensive, effective and user-friendly journey for your prospects. Our Digital Marketing and Communication Design consultants help you create a website / digital IP that is ready for your business. Our In-house Web Development Team and SEO Specialists are well trained to use the technology and algorithms most suited for your business.

So buckle up and get your own digital IP started. Reach out to us by sharing your contact information in the form given below (Connect With Us)


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