Client Servicing are not Waiters but Advisers!

Mar 16, 2016 | Business Management
Pallavi Sinha

The world today terms 'Client Servicing' as people interacting with clients, sufficing clients deliverables and dealing with the internal team. Did you know, client servicing isn't a Waiter who services people in a suit, but an Adviser who creates and advices businesses in the right direction. The only growth path shown to client servicing is the increase in the number of accounts (clients) or increase in the billing. Their entire mind is brain washed to do only one job, "meet the targets". We forget that these people too have brains and have the power to think.

Let's look at these people with a new perspective and lead a new lease to this profession. These people have the power to grow beyond digits and consume, and commit more than 100% on job without having ulcers.

With the passage of time, everybody is adapting new skill to get smarter and set new trends. Same applies to clients. These days clients have a plethora of choices and access to people who can deliver on time. So it's important for the serving people to use their intellectual skills and think beyond accounts and numbers.

As we know, the key domains in a typical agency includes:

    1) Operations: The spine of an agency.
    2) Creative & strategy: The brain of the agency.
    3) Processes and delivery: The veins of an agency.

So, how can the Client Servicing grow intellectually and beyond numbers in a typical agency domains? The real growth lies in acquiring domain expertise, the key business functional areas.

This doesn't mean that the servicing person takes over an Art Director's or Copy Writer's job, but should come up with the right ideas to provide to exceptional experience to their customers with effective statergy, technology, and communication.

Customer Experience (CX) is the essential tool of Small and Medium Sized Businesses to differentiate from the big competitors. Our Customer Experience management relies on changing human behaviour and their ever-evolving relationship with technology. Our CX Methodology is aimed to create wow in every interaction with your brand encompassing - strategy, technology, training and communication. Our objective is to generate as much word of mouth possible through customer experience going beyond the realm of the customer loyalty program.

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