Are you ready to win?

Nov 12, 2015 | Business Management

We all want to win, and there's always a hope that someday we will win.

Most people only hope and wait for circumstances and situations in life to improve for them, to win.

Only few people have gathered the courage and attitude to go beyond their circumstances. When you have the realization that there is no point in waiting for circumstances and the world to change, you are ready! However, you may question where to begin, where to start?

Let's start with designing your goal.

Most often, people make a fundamental mistake in their life by setting the 'luxuries' in life as their goal.

You may count it as a pool side villa, a luxury car and the never ending 'WANTS' list continues.

There's however a simple check, if you have a real goal in life. Whatever be your goal, it should make a deep impact on the society and the world.

Let's take the example of Steve Jobs. He created the best devices for mankind to use and prosper, in doing so he became the world's best known visionaries of the decade, earned fame, earned money. However he regretted that he was not able pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth-perhaps art, relationships or any other dream.

Once you have conceded your goal, you must start working with yourself. Here's the punch you need to have, to create a dent in the universe:


In simple words it means, doing what you said, when you said you would do it.

We've often promised others and ourselves that we will do some task or thing, but we often break those ones that are made to others and ones that are made to ourselves. Start by restoring your integrity and acknowledging your broken promises.

It needs a lot of self-discipline and rigour to keep your integrity intact.


People are your biggest resource of life. People are either your coach or your enabler. Creating powerful relationships with people, will offer you the thrust you need. It will fuel your ideas and empower your goals. Do not forget that success is only to be shared with people. People you'll meet will either agree or disagree with you. Benefit from the agreement and respect the disagreements.

Relationships are not certainly about proving your point. When you are busy proving your point, you have lost track of your goal.

What is the idea of EXISTENCE?

The idea of existence is about fulfilling the goal. How often we start something and at some point, drop that initiative?

Existence is about the keeping the idea alive. It should be etched in your heart and mind. Unless your goal is in existence, you are drifted off your destiny.


A possibility comes into existence, when others see possibilities in it.

When you set your goal or you create a vision, it should truly inspire people and they should feel like being a part of that possibility. People sometimes take time to look at your possibility and ultimately your relationships will define who signs up, even when they have not realized the possibilities.

What is being RESPONSIBLE?

It's not about taking the blame; it's about being the cause in the matter.

If you do not stand your ground, the possibility will never be realized.

I've not include the word knowledge, as knowledge is a journey. When you follow the 5 key pillars you are bound to get the access to the world of knowledge.

Your attitude will be your biggest guide and critic when you follow these 5 pillars. It will teach you sense of perspective, how to look at Integrity, relationships, existence, possibilities and responsibilities.


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