An Entrepreneurial Journey: From Office Boy to Canteen Owner

Jun 07, 2016 | Food for Thought

A great start-up begins with an idea. We all have ideas, but translating those ideas into something productive is what separates 'Doers from Thinkers'. An entrepreneurial journey has its own ups and downs, and key takeaways. Some inspire us; some surprise us and most importantly motivate us.

One such inspiring story is of Sudeep MR who comes from Mudigere, a small town in Mandya district of Karnataka. Coming from a family with an agricultural background, he always dreamt to be an Entrepreneur. Like any other kid, Sudeep also wished to acquire proper education in order to fulfil his dream. But due to financial crisis, he had to discontinue his studies after 10th grade. To earn a living and support his family, Sudeep moved to Bangalore city and worked for a living as an Office Boy in an organisation. Eventually, Sudeep got accustomed to his new life and his desire to be an entrepreneur faded with time. And, he continued as an Office Assistant for couple of years. But, all didn't go as planned and one of the biggest challenges was to meet the expenses. His growing expenses and low income forced him to find a better place to work for. He then joined Creative Factor as an Office Assistant.

Sudeepís Entrepreneurial Journey

It is well said that "Everything begins with an Idea". Same was the case with Sudeep, who with the assistance of his seniors, came up with an idea of opening a canteen for the office staff. He got all the support from his seniors in the office. The initial funding by Creative Factor helped him to begin his journey as an Entrepreneur. It is said that 'some people succeed because they are destined, but most people succeed because they are determined'. Within a week's time, Sudeep was able to earn a decent profit and take the responsibility of his canteen single-handedly.

When asked about the name of his canteen, he replied- "Creative Factor plays a major role in my entrepreneurial journey towards starting-up; hence I have named it as 'Yum Factor', keeping in mind the crucial factor that keeps all of us running."

Talking about his future prospects and expectations, Sudeep, wishes to his canteen to expand and have multiple branches worldwide. Sudeep loves experimenting with food. He wants to introduce new and unique dishes to the menu. Initially, he just wanted to earn money, but now he has a set target where he wishes to reach and grow better as a person.

A young man with big dreams and a deep desire to grow and succeed, Sudeep is extremely passionate, the kind of person who never shies away from hard work. And today, along with being an entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial journey is a motivation to many who wish to start-up but get stuck with the thought.

Entrepreneurs from small towns come with bigger dreams and aspirations. What they need is the basic capital, motivation and support that will take them to the next level. Many would claim that success is an endless journey. However, most of us would agree that turning a dream into a reality is no less than success. Hence a simple idea can Inspire, Motivate and most importantly bring in the Change.


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