Accepting the New Normal

Mar 18, 2021 | Food for Thought
Tridiv Das

Admit it; we have lost both the battles in the last two months. We've failed to break the chain of Covid-19, and at the same time, we lost livelihoods of millions. Our government, healthcare workers, and civil service department did everything they could in their capacity. I thank them for their efforts.

We have to learn to live with it.

Delaying the inevitable is not a solution. I have come to terms with fate, and we can only do so much. If this our time to go, then nothing can stop us. Many people have lost their loved ones. And my heart goes out to those who weep at the dining table and feels hollow looking at the empty room of their loved one.

We have a limited choice today, and we can either lock ourselves up inside our home for the next year and hope that the savings will be enough. Or we get down to things we need to do right away, and they are following.

Work from Home.

If you have this option, take it. It is the best thing to have today. Consider yourself luckier than many who don't have this option. You'll save yourself from a lot of pain which you yet not discovered. Trust me its 100% worth working from home, no matter how much you crave to meet your colleagues and desire to get back to the old times. Honestly, it will be disappointing to go back to the workplace, and it is no longer the same.

Risk only one person in the family.

Stepping out in this COVID-19 world is highly risky. When we return home after work, we will be risking the rest of the family member. Just moving to another room may not be enough. It will be best if the employer can arrange a place to stay. Visit home occasionally, and also maintain social distancing while meeting them.

Reduce exposure to risk.

Behavioural change is a must, and there's no looking back. Workplaces won't be the same as it uses to be, at least not until we win the war against COVID-19. Everyone at work must be mindful of old habits that put them and others on the risk now. We have developed a behavior change kit for organisation and their employees to help adapt to the new normal. It uses signs, audio reminders, mobile alerts and visualize the invisible virus and its probable presence in things around us.

Get insurance, and group insurance is the best bet.

The daily cost of private hospital treatment for a COVID-19 Patient is whopping 25-27 thousand, that a big hole in your savings. And even if your insurance covers most of the cost, there still be additional costs. So, if you don't have one, get it now before you resume work. Ask your employer if they can get on for you.

Build a fortitude around the riskiest members.

Take action to protect your loved ones with underlying medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer. If you are the one taking the risk for your family, stay away from them.

Boost your immunity.

Maintain good health by taking care of your diet, sleep and exercise. Your family is safe because of you, so you'll need to protect yourself.

Talk to your physician and take supplements that boost your immunity.

Avoid grouping and social gathering.

Avoid all social gathering. Use video conferencing and video calls to be with them. It is the new normal, and we need to accept it with a pinch of salt.

Take care of mental health.

It will surely take a toll on your emotional health. It will feel lonely at times, and there's nothing wrong about it to talk about it or seeking the help of professionals.

Our sacrifices for our family is worth taking. When we are through this, we will hug each other like the good old times. Connect with us if you need our assistance in transforming your organisation ready for the new normal.


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