Content Marketing vis-a-vis SEO

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Are you an online marketer? Then, you are probably keeping a keen eye on your SEO strategies. True that because visibility in the online space is not easy or cheap. You need to be seen in the right way, at the right time, by the right people. That's where Google has kept its tab on. With Panda, Google ensures to weed out the good content from bad content and trust us; you would not like to be on the bad side of it.

So, what exactly is bad here? Well, in this scenario your website content matters a lot. Content, which is not enough and inundated with random keywords will easily fall into the category of low quality, and no SEO strategy can save the day.

For your eyes only!

Yes, that's exactly the approach with which every online marketer should design the content to get Google's attention. The ultimate mix of content marketing and SEO begins with a good website host. Once that is sorted, the real issue at hand is website optimization that meets Google expectations.

Your keyword strategy will hold the key to your business. So, start with defining your USP, identifying your audience and reach of your product/services. There could be a road block here; you may look like just another set-up in the online marketplace. No worries. There are ways out of that. Smart SEO tools help you differentiate. These tools are helpful in suggesting the right keywords, metatags and go at lengths to suggest the perfect domain name. Names? Well, you can google that.

Looks matter.

Can't escape that, can you? We are referring to the look and feel of a website that defines the user experience. The ever changing algorithms of the search engine take a peek into that as well. So, no hiding! The minute your website is responsive and compatible to multiple platforms, it automatically puts you in the big league, by which we mean 'ranking'.

Last but not the least, don't forget to update. Staying fresh is non-negotiable and comes highly recommended.

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