7 Pocket-friendly offline marketing techniques to promote your business

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You own a business but don't know how to promote it with limited budget and less cash-flow? Well, did you know, you can publicise your business without 'burning a hole in your pocket or affecting the budget'. There are a plethora of marketing strategies to promote businesses that don't cost a fortune. Though there are both offline and online 'pocket-friendly' marketing strategies, here we will be talking about out the offline marketing ideas. Nowadays, most of the organisations promote their businesses via digital media mainly because it's inexpensive and convenient. But, we cannot forget that offline marketing exists since times immemorial, when even the 'Internet' was non-existent. Through offline engagements, businesses can create an unforgettable, meaningful and distinct value, and relationship with their customers. So, here are the 7 pocket-friendly offline marketing ideas to promote your business.

#1 Re-creating your business cards

Every time you shake hands with someone, it's important to offer your business card. As you network with people, exchanging business cards and following up with them later is one of the best pocket-friendly offline marketing techniques. So, it's time to re-create those 'old and boring' business cards, and replace them with attractive ones. Business cards not only help you create leads, but also builds an image about your company. It is suggested to use a coloured card instead of the usual white.

#2 Offering free consultation or services

In order to generate leads and get visibility the pocket-friendly way, you must schedule free consultation or services. The best way to promote such offers is by utilising the back side of the business cards.

#3 Handing out flyers

Handing out flyers can work on rare occasions and for the promotion of events. While handing out flyers, you should make sure to reach out to the targeted audiences. The better the flyers are located to target audience, the better is will be for your business. Since, flyers don't work for every business, it is very important to evaluate this strategy before implementing. One of the easiest and simplest ways of handing out flyers is via a local newspaper.

#4 Networking

Networking is one of the most pocket-friendly offline marketing techniques for businesses. To build a strong business network, actively attending relevant networking events is the key. The events help in making new contacts, meeting peers and competitors, learn from them, and build strong business relationships.

#5 Developing a customer referral program

Customer referral programs include offering existing customers free products, referring new customers, free monthly services, etc. Here, the age old 'word-of-mouth' technique works the best. So, basically your existing customers bring new customers for you.

#6 Speaking at events

Speaking at relevant events is a great way to promote a business. These events may have potential clients and others including people from print and broadcast media who might cover your speech and promote your business.

#7 Bartering your services

Transacting business don't necessarily have to be monetary. Bartering your services means getting into a deal with someone in the similar industry and ex-changing goods, and services with each other instead of money. This is one of the best pocket-friendly offline marketing techniques it gives you access to your competitors' customers.

Are you wondering how to go about these techniques? Well, please feel free to connect with us and drop your queries in the comment section below. We, being an extended marketing team, take immense care and pride in solving our client queries, and providing satisfied solutions.

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