Creative Communication

Western Digital takes surveillance to the next level

WD Campaign Banner

The computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company had a database of System Integrators. They wanted this target audience to be aware of their Purple range of Hard Drives, prompting them to choose this range of hard drives over a desktop hard drive for surveillance.


In terms of Creative Communication and strategy, the company needed a boost to make their value proposition upfront. A long-lasting impression and recall must be established to trigger emotion among the target audience.

Moreover, the communication had to be made relatable to the Indian audience and the campaign must portray a stance that is not just product-oriented.

WD Campaign : Image 1


Creative Factor came in with the strategy that creates a hook by creating awareness within the community of System Integrators. We designed the campaign to differentiate surveillance hard drives from the usual desktop hard drives.

Using humour to grab the attention of the target audience was a part that we added to this campaign journey, to bring out the element of misfits. Showing the Purple hard drives as the right fit, involved a more direct approach to devising creative communication. In the last of the campaign, we established communication that is product-oriented.


The three-month campaign turned out to be a big win that it went on to become the global campaign for Western Digital.