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Schneider Electric Embarks On The Responsible Indian Journey

Be A Responsible Indian Banner

Schneider Electric, a global leader in Power Management solutions, wanted to share their voice in the market and reach beyond their usual target audience. They wanted to create a communicative message that resonated with a larger audience, with their innovative grid solution: EcoStruxure ™


As competitors aligned their brand positioning with innovative next-generation solutions, Schneider Electric wanted to take a different approach by putting out the creative communication campaign, “Be A Responsible Indian”.

They wanted to create an instinctive brand recall at all customer levels, across potential regions. The plan was to trigger inherent feelings of duty as a citizen and national pride.

Be A Responsible Indian: Image 1

To spark this conversation at a national level, the campaign was strategically launched on 15th of August during the Independence Week.

Simultaneously, the campaign was launched across the market through events, print ads, press releases and social media. The full campaign was released and made available through landing pages.

Be A Responsible Indian: Image 2

The campaign successfully achieved 12 Million impressions and 20,000 clicks through 18 creatives. The Social Media executions through different platforms like Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn garnered 100K + reach, 4K+ engagement, 63K impressions and 5.17% engagement rate through 41 posts.

On Facebook alone, the launch video racked up 16,000 views and on Twitter, the campaign reached a 3.7% organic engagement rate against an industry standard of 1-2%.