What is your brand story?

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”– Oscar Wilde
Today what really matters is ‘how you portray yourself’ and ‘the perception you create’. So, how do we do it- by creating authentic and genuine stories. We always look for someone who shares something genuine with us that we cherish, enjoy and get inspired from. To create an impactful brand story, it is important to have love and respect for customers, and remove the illusion of separation. Every company should believe in the mantra that they are not separate from the customers but are always a part of them. But how to create an influential brand story?

Whether you know it or not, your organization has created a brand story already. The major question is whether it’s working for or against you. It’s all a perception that really matters. But how are you perceived by the customer. Your brand is not just a logo or a tagline. It’s much more. Neither the physical attributes of your products nor does the depth of your services define you as a brand. At the end of the day, your brand is tied to the emotional reaction people have when you think about your products.

Let’s say you want to gift a bicycle to your child. And, at the bicycle store one bicycle is described in two different ways by two sales representatives. One of them provides you with the basic feature of the cycle- “the bicycle has two wheels, shiny handlebars, a black coloured seat, and a basket.” While the other salesman tells you- “the bicycle is engineered and designed by the technicians at Volvo.” Ideally your perception about the bicycle would change after the second description. Now it’s not just a bike, it’s synonymous with ‘safety’ and that would be safest bike you could buy for your child.

But are you clear on this vision of building a perception? Unlock new inspiration; provide a deeper understanding of what makes your company special. This is where we help you create an influential and impactful brand story- ‘Stories that stay forever’. This is where branding becomes more important than ever. Since brands are not only what they say, but also what they do, a brand workshop exercise will definitely help balance the aspiring goals of the company with recognition of its capabilities.

Create your own brand story with branding
Brand workshop is a key opportunity to rally the leadership team of the company under one roof to have productive conversations about collaborating on re-imagining your brand to newer heights. The result is a meaningful understanding of what your brand’s purpose is and a solid positioning that reflects your vision, mission and culture. Breaking through the clutter, it will give actionable solutions to resolve your pressing challenges.

  • It helps in aligning the organisation towards a goal, re-creates the vision and mission of the organisation and puts a structure to it.
  • It helps organisation realise it’s DNA, and develops the culture.
  • It improve perceptions and performance, internally and externally.
  • Helps in creating greater loyalty and better margins
  • Brings forth competitive differentiation and preference

The highlight of the workshop is that, it will not only define the brand, but also help the client understand where guidelines are needed for future communication materials. The marketing tools can then be produced with the confidence that content is consistent with the agreed brand guidelines.

Our ‘Brand Story’ workshops are intended to get everyone in your organization who ‘touches your brand’ on the same page. This can include top level management, marketing and sales people, key vendors and more. It’s a learning and discovery process coupled with in-depth exercises that build your brand to newer heights.

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The world in the next 15 years…

“Mankind will evolve much rapidly than it did in last 100 years.”
Humans as specie is still evolving, and it will evolve further, even now a part of our tribal days still exist within us. Future is taking shape right now across the world. What is shaping the future is similar to what created life; it started with Carbon, In the cosmic history carbon in the space collided with other elements which gave birth to us, in this era it’s the knowledge of different things across diverse subjects which is colliding at much rapid pace than ever. Steve jobs mentioned about joining the dot backwards, however today human mind is joining the dot right in present and creating things that never exist. One particular influencing factor for this phenomenon is the amount of information that we are receiving today, across diverse subjects are playing a crucial role within our grey cells –making them collide must faster than ever.

By the time, I will be ready to retire; the world around me would have changed dramatically much like it has in the last 15 years.

Here’s a list of things that I foresee:

I remember the days back in Delhi, when I use to visit the fully computerised railway ticket reservation centre near New Delhi railway station with my father every summer vacation to book our train tickets. Today we do it with our smart phone. Similarly the long queue at the hospitals today will disappear and by 2030, people will visit Doctors virtually as a subscribe service. Good healthcare will be available at home. Let’s say it will be be new era of Service based E-commerce Industry.

Driverless Highways
With the rise of Transport aggregators like UBER or OLA, there’s already a shortage of chauffeurs, and corporate giants like Google and Apple are all geared up for driverless cars. I am sure we will see dedicated highways for driverless cars. The best part however is some of the old cars will just get retrofitted so don’t be in a hurry to sell off the car you love now.

The Education Business
I met a lot of young people, some of them are in schools, some are in colleges and some are working with me. One can see that the younger generations are learning thing much differently than how we have been learning, so its not so difficult for me to see that the biggest education industry will be a internet driven company, and possibly it may not have yet started.

Water Business
I sometimes wonder that, we do not get regular supply of water for our household, but we do get the tankers for the same, so where does the tanker get the water, while the underground fresh water is depleting rapidly, and some conservation project are work in progress, I can clearly see that in next 15 years we will have cities which will harvest water supply from atmosphere.

The Subscribed Life
It has already began, 30 years back, we never had the concept of cooking gas, people mostly burned wood, coal or cow dung to have the fire for cooking, but then we subscribed to LPG, and then cable TV, then mobile and all of these are the beginning of a subscription based life. I won’t be surprised if certain apparel brand will have a subscription offer. Everything that we need will be available on subscriptions.

Versatile GenX
Like the book Battle hymn of Tiger Mother – Amy Chua, where in she ensure her daughter excel in more than one field, the availability of Information and open education policies will allow our future generation to excel in multiple fields instead of one. We will learn how to multi-tag an individual.

Automated Delivery Systems
Some of my friends who are in the logistics business understand the extent of automation needed to keep up with the demanding business operations. By 2030 majority of the delivery systems will be automated, don’t be surprised if in next few years you don’t see a billing counter in a grocery shopping mall. IoT will connect the dots for you. Infact you should be able to preorder your stuff and your shopping cart will be ready. Every cart will have the power of AI that will guide you towards the next item you need to buy.

Security Services
Much like the movie minority report, where you are able to predict the crimes even before they happen, we will be adopting a whole new range of sensors and devices which will help us feel more secured. In most cities securities will be managed using drones, loaded with heat sensors and night vision it will be one of the big hits. You don’t have to dial any number incase of an emergency, but just have to trigger a signal, which will be picked up by the flying drones. It will however have to follow a strict privacy policy but life is more important than privacy.

New Jobs
Imagine how it would have sounded that in 1976 if a 5 year old would have said that he grow up and write C++ and Java Script, imaging the expression of the grandpa who is listening to his grand son? But that’s the reality today, 30 years back no one knew or heard of the work they are doing now. This will repeat again, and this time around the cycle of change will be much shorter. In next 15 years over 2 billion jobs will have disappeared, freeing up the talent for many new fledging industries.

Future is Wireless
The amount of cable lying my desk is annoying enough, there’s a cable for everything and since these cables get entangled so frequently its really annoying to manage them. Just have a look behind your favourite home theatre you know what I am taking about or ask the datacenter manager. So in next 15 years, we will have a solution to this menace. We already have wireless charging solutions available.

What is Real and Surreal
I learned the word “surreal” when I learned about Salvador Dali, a painter who painted his dreams on the canvas. Today, at the pace in which real world colliding with the surreal is beyond imagination, in future it will be difficult to explain my grand children what is real and what is surreal. The development of AI and Visualisation will make it inseparable, I am sure you all have seen the academy award wining movie Her or you will have a “Jarvis” from the movie Ironman

Species Rebirth or Invented
In the book by Peter Thiel – Zero to One he has defined the word technology in holistic manner, as “Any new and better way of doing things is technology” it could be in any dimension of life. At one end we are talking about technology of artificial intelligence on the other end we are advancing in our life science–genetic engineering. Both of these technologies will enable us to create or revive specie. So don’t be surprise if you see a humanoid shop.

Future of Organisations
In last 10 years most of us have heard the term lay offs more frequently than ever, Job Security is not actually a security, While a majority of the fortune 500 companies will dissolve, some will evolve further and we will see a different kind of organisation taking shape, which is in the form of a community. It will be somewhat like UBER an Aggregation of Talent, but mostly all independent. Making their own living, working collectively within a community. It has already begun; today we refer to this phenomenon as Intraprenuers.

Climate Change
Things that did not happen in 100 years have begun to happen. This has triggered many minds, survival is the biggest instinct every discovered by Ontology – the study of existence. These changes in climate will give birth to newer technologies that will allow people to survive the testing times or natures fury. Be it the floods, food crisis, tsunamis, radiations, in the next 15 years a majority of survival kits will be available for people to buy or subscribe to.

Urbanization and Agriculture will co-exist
In the last 3 decades, we have seen the rise of industries, cities and depleting green lands, but in recent future mankind will learn the ways to may them co exist. One of my own venture Green Factor is committed to making this change, where in families, societies will be able to grow their own green, even if they live in small apartments. Farming will happen on all building rooftops without soil with out mess, and mostly automated.

Space Tourism
I know of one man who has been dreaming of this for long – Elon Musk. We should be able to have tour of moon in the next 15 years, it will be expensive though, but eventually it will be affordable. Space colonies will also be taking shape in the next 15 years.

Global Families
As the world will be knitted more closely than ever, families will have their relative around the world; belong to different races and religion and strata of life. It will allow the human species to be much stronger. Swami Vivekananda has mentioned about this way long back.

Religion will Reinvent
Here’s the most sensitive one, but the future generations will question everything and therefore religions will have to reinvent itself, reinvent the cultural systems to suit the future of mankind. It will revive the community living standards once again.

Future is old
The world is ageing and so are the people, although India today is a young country while rest of the world has already aged, in next 15 years, India too would move to the otherside. That implies that many entrepreneurs and intraprenuers will be planning to capitalise the Advance Age Markets.

I hope you are with me so far, and there’s more to the journey of the future. At creative factor group we enjoy the company of forward-looking friends and talents, we are incubating a bunch of powerful ideas, because we firmly believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. I hope to meet likeminded people and invite them to join us in this pursuit.
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Are you ready to win?

We all want to win, and there’s always a hope that someday we will win.

Most people only hope and wait for circumstances and situations in life to improve for them, to win.
Only few people have gathered the courage and attitude to go beyond their circumstances. When you have the realization that there is no point in waiting for circumstances and the world to change, you are ready! However, you may question where to begin, where to start?

Let’s start with designing your goal.

Most often, people make a fundamental mistake in their life by setting the ‘luxuries’ in life as their goal.
You may count it as a pool side villa, a luxury car and the never ending ‘WANTS’ list continues.

There’s however a simple check, if you have a real goal in life.  Whatever be your goal, it should make a deep impact on the society and the world.

Let’s take the example of Steve Jobs. He created the best devices for mankind to use and prosper, in doing so he became the world’s best known visionaries of the decade, earned fame, earned money. However he regretted that he was not able pursue other matters that are unrelated to wealth-perhaps art, relationships or any other dream.

Once you have conceded your goal, you must start working with yourself.  Here’s the punch you need to have, to create a dent in the universe:


In simple words it means, doing what you said, when you said you would do it.

We’ve often promised others and ourselves that we will do some task or thing, but we often break those ones that are made to others and ones that are made to ourselves. Start by restoring your integrity and acknowledging your broken promises.

It needs a lot of self-discipline and rigour to keep your integrity intact.


People are your biggest resource of life. People are either your coach or your enabler. Creating powerful relationships with people, will offer you the thrust you need. It will fuel your ideas and empower your goals. Do not forget that success is only to be shared with people. People you’ll meet will either agree or disagree with you. Benefit from the agreement and respect the disagreements.
Relationships are not certainly about proving your point. When you are busy proving your point, you
have lost track of your goal.

What is the idea of EXISTENCE?

The idea of existence is about fulfilling the goal.  How often we start something and at some point, drop that initiative?

Existence is about the keeping the idea alive. It should be etched in your heart and mind. Unless your goal is in existence, you are drifted off your destiny.


A possibility comes into existence, when others see possibilities in it.

When you set your goal or you create a vision, it should truly inspire people and they should feel like being a part of that possibility.  People sometimes take time to look at your possibility and ultimately your relationships will define who signs up, even when they have not realized the possibilities.

What is being RESPONSIBLE?

It’s not about taking the blame; it’s about being the cause in the matter.

If you do not stand your ground, the possibility will never be realized.

I’ve not include the word knowledge, as knowledge is a journey. When you follow the 5 key pillars you are bound to get the access to the world of knowledge.

Your attitude will be your biggest guide and critic when you follow these 5 pillars. It will teach you sense of perspective, how to look at Integrity, relationships, existence, possibilities and responsibilities.

Social media marketing for SMEs

The time is now!
‘Hands down, the biggest mistake small businesses are making on social media is NOT using social media.’
Social media marketing revolves around natural, genuine conversations between people about something of mutual interest. A conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. Social media is a space defined by the consumer who is in control. It involves conversations, not repeated and directed messages focused on the brand. The message is adapted and shared depending on the consumer interest and response, resulting in an indirect and organic influencing of the consumer.

This type of ‘conversational marketing’ follows certain rules. They are:
The purpose of the conversation is to create and improve understanding and not to “deliver messages.”
There is no “audience” in conversation, only partners, friends, associates.
People in conversations don’t repeat the same thing over and over –they move on.
Conversations are about listening and talking, not announcing.
Conversation is live, and constantly moving and changing.
The motivations for people being on social media are different- thus the same kind of message would not attract all sections. People use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, or connecting to old friends they have lost touch with. They may also use it to reach out to people with common interests. This gives the opportunity of targeting specific groups, with content tailored to appeal to that particular segment. Each ‘fan’ of your business has a cycle – first they are introduced to your business, then they participate in discussions with like minded people. Healthy discussions lead them to first adopting the brand, then evangelizing for it, then becoming a part of the community who in turn introduces other people to the brand.

Since social media is not composed of only one platform, it is also essential for businesses to determine the correct ‘social media mix’ or the platforms on which they can have maximum visibility to their target audience. The framework for identifying your correct social media mix is as follows:

Find your purpose – Do you want to influence leads, provide pre sales and post sales information, increase your brand awareness or engage your customers and provide customer support?
Know your target audience – Which particular social media platform caters to a particular set of your target audience? Insight about the kind of population present on each media platform will tell you how to segment your approach.
Focus on your efforts – Coordinate your messages across various platforms. Keep your business website at the centre and drive traffic to it from all other sources.
Keep your business website at the heart of all efforts – This is the space you own and control and should be as customer friendly and informative as possible.
Promote your product – Social media allows you to promote your product, offer, event etc at a much lower cost.
When properly utilized, the power of social media can completely transform your business.

Creative Factor Integrated Marketing is a strategic brand, design and marketing consultancy firm. Started in 2009, we hold expertise in orchestrating various marketing initiatives to compliment your brand, and have been involved in several successful social media strategies for both large and small businesses. Our in house team of digital media specialists, media planners, copywriters and designers ensure that all the key services of social media marketing are delivered to you.

Hope is not a strategy

Actions has outcomes – Hope Doesn’t.
We all hope that someday our miseries of life is going to end, some miracle would happen on its own and we will be sorted. Unfortunately, God helps those who help themselves.

I am not suggesting that we take hope away from people, as it offers the emotional comfort and allows the person to live through – a reason to survive, but if you look deeper, hope is allowing you to stay wherever you are and its making you complacent.

To get something, we must take some actions, and if those actions don’t produce the results, then we have got to find new actions which may or may not find us the desired results, but definitely does not leave you stagnant.

Most of us are reactive to life, we take actions when situations force us to, and mostly we are just hopeful, that something will happen on its own. But hope cannot be a strategy.

Most of us are trying to figure out work/life balance, it seems that these two dimensions are stretching us to different extremes, to the point where one would snap. And then hope, that some miracle will alter our life. May be a change of perspective is all thats needed to find the harmony between the two, and if you start looking for it you will find much more.

When sales teams across all business get their new targets, they can’t just be hopeful, they got to take actions. They need to review their actions, create new actions, look for new actions and perspectives.

50% of your challenges in life, can be resolved the moment you realise that hope is not your default strategy. New year resolutions do not work, because in most cases, the default strategy is hope.

The easiest way to catch yourself “hoping”, is when you know you have a goal or dream and you have not put the way forward in steps (Distance, Time & Space). And if you happen to have step forward, you must need to know where you are in your strategy, If you haven’t then you are back to the default strategy – hope!

Inside Entrepreneurship

Having your own business is a dream that most professional cherish. Making this dream come true requires a lot more than just courage. It’s not a onetime effort but it’s a never ending project which Constantly seeks your attention. What most fear in this journey is the potential risk of set backs.

While the B-school prepares you in their own way to make better business plans and effective processes, the critical thing still remains the human mind and psychology. Only an entrepreneur can tell you the dilemma of psychology, which is at play at all times and managing them is equally important, as important as managing the business processes.

In journey of entrepreneurship, your mind is being played by various factors like fear, challenges, pride, achievement, worry, anxiety, hard work, mind block and many more. In a day you may come across multiple triggers and they leave you with many questions and you chase all night to find their answers.

You respond to situations the way it appears to you, so If you are looking forward to something, your body language and your mind functions in a different manner than a situation you are trying to avoid. The best way to deal a tough situation is to dwell inside and figure out how you are perceiving that situation and why?.

While the most people like to believe that they have a challenge at hand, I see them as result, whatever you call a challenge today is not really a challenge but actually a result of your past actions and therefore unless you learn why you arrived at that result, it will happen again. This is same for great result if something good has happened that’s also a result and by learning from it will help you recreate it again and again.

Prepare yourself to fail. One of the biggest pitfall is that you don’t like to fail, because it doesn’t look good on you. However camouflaging a failure will only lead you to bigger failures forward. One must accept that in this journey one has to fail before one could get a break through. You cannot get “out” (game of cricket) if you are not the batsman. A Scientist goes through numerous no of failures before a break through. By allowing yourself to fail, you get 50% more opportunity to focus on what led to the failure and what new actions can be made.

Like all mind an entrepreneur’s mind also wanders, and one must follow some basic framework of a business, and thinking about it will bring you back to business.

1. Purpose: Your business will continue as long as it caters to a need or purpose, It’s not about me too, but why me? Which means why your client, customer needs you when there are multiple firms trying to offer the same or somewhat similar.
2. Innovation: At the heart of every business lies innovation this is the only thing that keeps business running, helping you gain advantage and the thrust to propel forward. You must find better ways to do things.
3. Ethics: This is your moral fibre, without it you may go some distance, but in the end the eco-system will itself pull you down.
4. Promise: Never break a promise. If you have committed to it, make sure it happens.
5. Goals: Set your goals higher and workout your plan to meet them. Plan them backward.
These factors are your guide in the toughest of business situation, and thinking about these will soothe your mind and will fill you back with the energy you need to drive the business ahead. Set backs are common to businesses, they are only to test you metal before truly big things happen.

Two kinds of people you need in your team

Early humans were mostly hunters; they mostly migrated across different landscapes in search of food. It was a mere 10,000 years ago that humans discovered farming and thus two distinct types of human races emerged – the hunters and the farmers; and their traces can be found within each one of us in every aspect.

Hunters led a nomadic life, usually a small group of people who moved very quickly from one hunting ground to another. By contrast, the farmers learnt to cultivate crops and support a large community, thus giving birth to the society we live in today.

There is the same balance of ideologies in every team, organization, sport or even family. The hunters are the opportunity seekers and the farmers, the opportunity managers. In modern businesses, the surge in business is usually contributed by the hunters, as they have the natural ability to find an opportunity even if one might not exist. Their energy levels peak only when an opportunity is in sight, and they lose focus just as quickly once an idea seems to get old. These people are mostly networkers or work as independent consultants.

Farmers on the other hand have steady and even energy levels. Their ability to nurture, grow and manage opportunities at hand makes them unique and special. They are highly methodological and rarely take a chance, which is why; they are best known to hold teams, organizations or families together. They work within procedures and have their own process which they follow to the T. However this way of functioning hinders their ability to perform and they are mostly unrecognized.

If you take some time to assess, you will find that your friends, family and colleagues belong to one of these two personalities. It is critical that a hunter should not try to become farmer and vice versa. One must identify their own type and play to their potential. We need these two races to co-exist and collectively create and nurture our world.

Brand Loyalty or Brand Ownership

These days there’s a loyalty card for everything, some designed with smart cards some with mobile, some comes in a exclusive package and some given to you with bare hands.

Interestingly from grocery stores to fashion, to electronic chain or even premium food chains have designed their loyalty programs. And every time you visit them they promptly ask you if you have membership with them, if yes then give them your card or share your contact no and they will fetch you your account if now they may request if you would like to have one and along with it is the laundry list of benefits. Periodically they will send you SMS alerts and emails to update you what more you can shop, or they have missed us!

All of this put together with sometimes exciting or boring communication, mostly well designed and always have something exciting to share. In most cases you tend to ignore them as soon as they arrive and sometime you have an occasion and you end up at the store.

Is this really the crux of the loyalty program. I can understand that the brands have invested heavily on developing CRM applications, bought SMS and Email Applications, hired a creative agency and spend months of work behind this to make it work.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and it is working for some of the brands. However that is not same as delivering ownership experience. The customer of today has evolved beyond recognition, every individual who has the capacity to make a purchase is very well versed with these programs and they relate to this as sales programs. These programs have been developed to generate incremental sales which means additional expenses and you have the notion of saving money.

So where does ownership experience starts?Truth is ownership experience can drive loyalty but not the other way round. And Ownership is not more incremental sales, ownership is an experience which allows you to get the most of your purchase. Ownership is an emotional relationship and not govern by transactional relationship.

The best way to sells is to sell your customer nothing, but make them a part of you and they will buy it automatically buy and stand for you even when a competition is better than you. The history of brand building has many such chapters. Points can never create belonging, but relationship does.

The Business of Communication

I’ve been often asked by my friends and clients that “what all you do, you do creatives, you do print campaigns, social media, events, exhibitions, app development and god knows what not” and followed by one question “why not do only one thing?”. They get amazed when I tell them that I am in the business of communication.

Its a timeless journey, from the walls of the caves to the walls of social media. Truth is we need communication for our existence and specialising the subject matter needs a deeper look rather than scratching the surface. Its not about literature and certainly not about the medias of the world. Its all about how a business is communicating with its ecosystem.

There are two key aspects to communication one is the context of the communication and other is the medium through which one could deliver the communication. For every Business to thrive, they constantly need to be in communication with their eco-system members, without which their existence will be limited. As the business grows bigger, it becomes even more challenging to maintain the communication.

If you notice, you have many friends and associates on your Facebook and Linkedin Profiles, however you don’t have enough context to reach out to them, you will probably end up interacting with limited sets of people not more that 10-20 (Considering “likes” as fleeting glance), while you have over 500 connections.

The business of communication involves creating new context and effectively reaching out to the targeted eco-system members. It becomes challenging as a business makes certain range of products and services and cater to certain set of audiences. Finding something new to talk about it therefore a daunting task. We do this exercise every day and for last 18 years I have been living it.

It has many theories attached to it, which allows one to go deeper rather than scratching the surface. The most important part is that for any communication to work, it should sound like and opportunity for its audience, if that is missing than the communication has no relevance.

The shortfall of this business is that you cannot multiply it like a production assembly and therefore it is highly dependent on resources and the amount of investigation they can do on their own to get hold of the context of the communication.

Why one should do it? because it is timeless. The business of communication is never ending, while the mediums may keep changing. Currently the business of communication has been divided as per mediums which is perhaps making professionals obsolete with its medium unless they get this perspective – either you write communications for a medium v/s you write communications for humans.

Here’s quick note on how to develop a new context and thereby altering the complete way of working, Consider today is friday and you have been given too many task to deliver, If you see it like burden you will end up tired, frustrated and angry which will eventual result in unproductive work. If with communication we alter this point of view which says “Have a high performance weekend” than you will bring forth your passion and commitment, with that you will be highly active and you will be acknowledge on monday for the efforts you have made. eg. Much like if a ball is coming to you at 200 miles per hour, as an ordinary human you will move away from it, but as a player you leap at it as it appears to be an opportunity.

Crafting powerful communications can alter your actions, your organisation’s actions, your Customer’s actions, your partner’s actions, your investor’s action. And that is the Business of communication.

Inventing Future!

Everyone is intrigue with the context of future and the uncertainties that are attached to it. Future has the answer to your question? really?. I believe everyday millions of people read their “horrorscope” (Pun Intended) on their latest smartphone app. There is nothing wrong with it and its completely ok to follow the practise.

The truth is we all have to die, and that is perhaps the inevitable future. We can die leading our life inside the box or outside the box but that really doesn’t make any difference to the inevitable future. However we have a choice and that is to choose the journey.

Most people are simply wasting their time understanding “what is their real purpose of existence?” and they are waiting as if god will whisper their secret purpose someday. Infact google trend shows the statistical data of how many such searches has been made and from which country (Meaning of Life). Interestingly In last one year most searches are from Philippines, followed by USA, Australia, India, Canada and United kingdom.

I would rather suggest “Create that Purpose”. The moment you create the purpose, you will have new actions and a whole new experience of life. And that is the future you have really invented for yourself. You need not limit yourself by creating just one future but it could be many, as long as you are ready to live it.

As the history suggests, When Kennedy announced “the man on the moon” vision, there was no technology that could have carried a man to the moon, however within the next 5 years such technology came into existence and mankind etched their footsteps on the moon.

Inventing your future is a very powerful context and it is achievable, but you cannot be the only person in the future, you have to take people along.