Career in storytelling

Career in creative writing

Copy Writer

  • A creative person who has a flair for writing and storytelling.

  • Should love to get involved in creating campaigns that have an instant and positive impact on the consumer- through great story telling, fresh ideas and radical thinking.

  • Ability to read into a client’s problem and come up with interesting ideas and craft interesting stories/campaigns.


  • Should have great command over spoken and written English. Copywriting expertise.

  • Great creativity and ability to conceptualise.

  • Familiarity with online and offline advertising.

Personal Attributes

Aptitude for excellence, intelligent, eager to learn and collaborate

Job Description

  • Work from a brief with an art partner.

  • Generate ideas/concepts to present to the client.

  • Research brands, products, and industries to identify advantages.

  • Work alongside our marketing team to conceptualise an ad campaign.

  • Write copy for print ads, radio spots, TVs, online assets- social media.

  • Perform a round of copy editing based on client feedback.

  • Crafting long-form ad copy to highlight product benefits.

  • Studying other writers and marketers to gain additional insights.

  • Creating landing pages, banner text, and other copy for websites.

  • Editing the final results for presentation to the client.

  • Creating case studies and videos for award shows.

Key clients

Schneider Electric, Dassault systems, Exide insurance, Cambridge University Press, Thomson Press.


2/3yrs in a similar integrated/digital agency. Knowledge of the digital world is essential and should be aware of the latest trends and tools.


Win awards and gain an exposure to international brands. Creative Factor is an ideal launching pad to develop 360° skill set and attaining the possibility of operating a division as your own business under Creative Factor, and owning shares of the company.

Location :

Gurgaon, Bangalore & Chennai.