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Find out how Business Process Audit will help you reflect

Traning Program Development: Find out how Business Process Audit will help you reflect

The talent being scouted today are far from being ready to enter the real world and often fails to meet organizational objectives and standards. Companies want to be able to hire the best talent available and the current universities and colleges assure that the talent they are churning out is ready. But the ground reality is farther from this as can be! Training programs of today are usually generic and outdated which plays a huge factor in actual learning. Training programs shouldnt only be restricted to spouting information but also making a system where companies can groom talent from the ground up and instill company values goals in the candidates. This way companies can not only improve their workforce but also help improve the quality of the candidates the hire.

How do we make sure the people we hire are ready?

The gap between the talent hired and the work to be done is wide and has to be bridged effectively to ensure the productivity that the organisation is looking for. This is only possible if there is an effective training program in place to take raw talent and hone them for the real- world scenario.

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The problem with existing training programs- Usually, in training programs, it is one leader training batches over and over again. A leader will rarely have enough patience to train everyone repetitively over and over again, which in turn will hamper the training in the long run.

But how will the training program be different from what we already have?

Training initiatives that stand alone (consisting of one-off events) often fail to meet organizational objectives and participant expectations. The need for effective, on-going training that can be delivered online is especially important with today’s increasingly remote workforce.

How we can help you?

We develop customised and specific training programs in collaboration with the client to make sure the training process is simplified. The program developed will concentrate on the 360- degree development of talent based on instilling essential skills required that they can’t do without, Digital training consisting of how-to videos, content training with articles, and testimonials from industry experts.

An all-inclusive form of e-learning where the program can be customised based on the role requirements accompanied with effective audio and visual learning elements to ensure all-round development and that the candidates are accustomed to the hard and soft skills that are expected of them in the industry.

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Quick Overview of the process

At first, the needs and outcomes of the program will be outlined after which the training objectives will be defined. Learning Materials will be developed accordingly with all the different digital resources in place before implementation. After implementation, the candidate’s progress will be continuously monitored and an exam will be conducted after the training to check the readiness of the candidates to ensure effective retention.

What you can expect from this training?

The training will result in Improved candidate performance, an increase in employee satisfaction and morale, Help in addressing weaknesses and shortcomings, increase in productivity and adhering to quality standards, and most importantly making sure the candidates that you select are ready to enter the workforce. On top of that this program establishes an effective learning and training system that can be integrated into the company’s platform and can be accessed remotely for more convenience.

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