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What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

Customer Experience Design: What if you had never lost any customers, and how would it impact your business if you had them even today?

It is estimated that over 90% of your customer won't complain to you, but they will share their experience with their friends and family. Its a kind of double whammy, you lose a customer, and at the same time, you lost a few prospective ones. But on the flip side, if you can design a superb customer experience, you win more customers.

Companies worldwide, large or small, spend an inordinate amount of money acquiring new customers, but very little is allocated to keep them.

We have poorly designed loyalty and redemption programs, which are cumbersome to keep track of, besides the redemption process. It is heavy on customers as well as the company.

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What if there is a better plan, which is simple, robust and effective and requires minimum budgets. By making simple changes in your business operations and care, every kind of organisation can achieve greatness. Customer Experience Designing is less about designing and more about the process changes at every customer interaction step.

A well-designed customer experience not only saves a company's reputation; it is also the most effective marketing and brand strategy.

We recommend a small shop to large multinational companies to invest in customer experience design.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

This quote sums up the need to develop a customer experience design. Many marketing executives point to a lack of necessary customer experience skills among their employees, which is a significant bottleneck. Therefore, we have developed a well-balanced program that allows you to quickly tailor-make customer experience design along with people training and internal adoption.

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At Creative Factor, we have a four-step program to help you develop a robust, simplified and affordable customer experience design for your prospects and customers.

  • Understanding Customer Experience.
  • Process Gaps and Enhancements
  • Creativity, Incentive and Recognition Practise
  • Communicating the change

Understanding Customer Experience

Your customer experience should be unique to your business. Developing customer centricity and focus requires more in-depth internal orientation. We conduct a two-day on-site workshop at your organisation with the key stakeholders. The workshop includes training sessions and brainstorming sessions to co-create a simplified program that your company will adapt and continue.

Process Gaps and Enhancements

It will be evident from the workshop that you have gaps in the default customer experience designing. Thus it provides you with unique opportunities to bridge those gaps with adequate digitisation, Internal process changes, and training programs.

Creativity, Incentive and Recognition

Finally, to percolate the idea of customer-centricity to the entire organisation requires creativity for demonstration and involvement. It requires incentive and recognition of internal members driving the change within the company as a role model. This phase includes interactive sessions and contents within the team to drive the adoption of the new practice.

Communicating the Change

After internalising the idea of customer experience design, we aim to look for developing success stories and customer testimonials campaigns that allow you to acquire new customers and higher customer satisfaction scores.

The complete Customer Experience Designing program Takes three to six months, depending on the size and nature of the business operation. The timeline also includes the implementation and adoption of the program within the organisation.

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