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Golden Hammer Gets An Identity Upgrade


The 33- year-old furniture and interior brand came to us to re-brand themselves to accommodate a more futuristic look, without losing their long-built legacy.


The goal was to achieve improvised margins and clear recognition of the brand enabling them to connect with their customers and differentiate themselves as a brand among the competition.

To get there, we had to design an upgraded version of the brand’s identity without losing their long-established legacy.



We held brand workshops, to remodel the brand as the alchemy of spaces, a futuristic and sophisticated look for the brand. Developing the brand stretch of this idea, we offered them a strategic session where the team collectively identified themselves as the drivers of smart spaces.

They took a futuristic and progressive stance for their brand image while keeping their legacy intact. We helped by developing their brand book and brand collaterals.



After rebranding themselves, the company was able to attract new customers with their upgraded brand imagery. They also hired new members and the organization is now aligned with the alchemy of spaces, their revamped brand identity.