Business Consulting

Chhabria & Sons Takes An Operational Review


The well-reputed, Sanitary Ware and Accessories Dealer wanted to take a look at their operations and how it can be improvised. We helped analyze their functions with Brand-Audits, to streamline the Business Process and scale-up.


A cohesive understanding of goals, functions and identity of the brand should be established across the whole team to achieve improvised results.

Certain communicative gaps in the organization had to be identified, analyzed and recommendations based on the analysis should be implemented to improve sales and efficiency.



We held a brand-audit to establish clearer communication among the team members. To get an idea of how the company functions a questionnaire given out to the employees. This proved helpful to rule out the gaps in communication and the way they articulate the story of the brand.

Each department was put through a well-rounded session, discussing the policies, goals, work environment, customer relations and business processes.



After going through the brand-audit process, the company was able to actualize, identify the gaps, and establish a communicative approach to their functioning. From our part, recommendations were given out to optimize efficiency in operations through effective communication.