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Brand Publishing is a new content marketing strategy for B2B Brand Marketing.

Content marketing strategies are designed to deliver informative or useful content to customers rather than pushing or interrupting them with direct sales advertisement. It is also an essential part of inbound marketing practices. In this kind of brand marketing strategy, instead of interrupting the audience through sales commercials, we assist the ones who are looking for the information. It is also a rising trend that customers today want to know more before they contact a salesperson. Different companies adopt varied kinds of content marketing strategy, depending on the availability of content resources and digital expertise.

We focus on improving results from B2B marketing programs. Account-based marketing is a critical part of any B2B organisation marketing strategy. Our comprehensive covers the following aspects of the program

Who Should Invest In Brand Publishing?

Brand publishing is most beneficial for companies who are visionaries and has the desire to reflect themselves as thought leaders. It's suitable for visionary and thought leader brands. The original idea behind this is the fact that a visionary brand has in-house subject matter experts and their opinion matters within a specific community. While in earlier days you would require a printing press and distribution network to run a publishing house, in the digital world rights to publish is given to all. Therefore anyone with content can become a publisher. In a newspaper, the journalist writes about what happened? Where did it happen? And why it happened? And that creates the story which masses wants to read.

Similarly, visionary brands are driven by their purpose are making continuous efforts in innovations, and discovery which matters to their audience and their content journey begins with what matters to them? How can they solve it? And who can benefit from it? And so they too are capable of creating stories which their audience would like to read. Few brands leverage their blog as their medium of publishing. For those who want to develop it for their community and ecosystem, takes a neutral approach and create a common platform where other members from the community can also participate and contribute. When considering why should one do it, there are many advantages to this effort.

1. It Establishes Your Thought Leadership

Whether it is a blog or a neutral publishing platform, it provides a visionary brand to express themselves and reach out to those whom the content matters. By doing so, the brand establishes its thought leadership within the ecosystem. It provides many experts within the organisation with a platform to share their expertise, their case studies and their opinions which benefits their audience, customers, partners, peer industry members and more. Therefore for a B2B business, brand publishing is one of the most effective brand marketing strategy as it helps them establish their thought leadership.

2. It Creates Your Own Media Property

If you have good site traffic, regular visits from your audience, your publishing platform is your media property. It is much like the influencers who have followers acts like a media house. Let's say an influencer recommends something, and it is most likely that many of their followers will consider it. Today many influencers have built their products and solution for their audience. On a brand publishing platform, a brand can promote, review and recommend many things like partners, products, etc., which their audience will consider.

3. It Creates A Platform For Building A Community

If done correctly, and for not only for propagating brand content, but also allowing community members to share their opinion and share their expertise, it can grow into a community with many neutral advocates. This community then can collectively take up much cause which will directly or indirectly matter to their business. And like any other community, it attracts many to become a part of it, and eventually, the member size grows. Its is also a great brand relationship strategy wherein the customer and the brand can collaborate for the common good.

Brand Publishing Is A Unique Content Strategy

As a specialised brand marketing consultant, we have built and run many brand publishing platform our clients. For them, it has become one of an essential part of brand marketing strategy. It is ensuring their thought leadership, boosting collaboration and building relationships for their business. If you are looking for someone to create the best brand publishing strategy, content and platform development, then connect with us, our brand marketing specialists will do that for you.