Nupur Bhatia

“Content marketing is providing relevant and valuable content to your prospects and customers that does not pitch a company’s own products or services. Brand publishing is content marketing on steroids in which a company produces content like a professional publication does. It puts the audience first and has staff, processes and professionally written and edited content.” – Meryl Evans, Content Maven of Content strategy then: “Tell them about your brand but don’t...

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by Nupur Bhatia | Feb 23,2018 | Tags : Business Communication

Brand equity, you must have heard the term a lot on your business journey, but do you understand what it means and why it is important for your business to build brand equity? Essentially, brand equity is the key to success and growth for any business. Let’s discuss the term in detail today and see how you can expand the architecture of your brand. So, what exactly is brand equity? According to Investopedia, brand equity refers to a value premium that a company generates from a product...

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by Nupur Bhatia | Mar 07,2018 | Tags : Business Management