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November 2014

Actions has outcomes – Hope Doesn’t. We all hope that someday our miseries of life is going to end, some miracle would happen on its own and we will be sorted. Unfortunately, God helps those who help themselves. I am not suggesting that we take hope away from people, as it offers the emotional comfort and allows the person to live through – a reason to survive, but if you look deeper, hope is allowing you to stay wherever you are and its making you complacent. To get...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Nov 13,2014 | Tags : Food for Thought

Having your own business is a dream that most professional cherish. Making this dream come true requires a lot more than just courage. It’s not a onetime effort but it’s a never ending project which Constantly seeks your attention. What most fear in this journey is the potential risk of set backs. While the B-school prepares you in their own way to make better business plans and effective processes, the critical thing still remains the human mind and psychology. Only an entrepreneur...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Nov 13,2014 | Tags : Business Management