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July 2014

I’ve been often asked by my friends and clients that “what all you do, you do creatives, you do print campaigns, social media, events, exhibitions, app development and god knows what not” and followed by one question “why not do only one thing?”. They get amazed when I tell them that I am in the business of communication. Its a timeless journey, from the walls of the caves to the walls of social media. Truth is we need communication for our existence and specialising the subject...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Jul 21,2014 | Tags : Business Communication

Everyone is intrigue with the context of future and the uncertainties that are attached to it. Future has the answer to your question? really?. I believe everyday millions of people read their “horrorscope” (Pun Intended) on their latest smartphone app. There is nothing wrong with it and its completely ok to follow the practise. The truth is we all have to die, and that is perhaps the inevitable future. We can die leading our life inside the box or outside the box but that really doesn’t...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Jul 17,2014 | Tags : Business Management