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January 2020

Twenty-three years back, my father called up the agency reception board line, it was 9 p.m. and my first day of internship at a prestigious agency. Some guy came and informed me that my father is holding the line at the reception. Those days we didn't have any cell phones, not even a pager. Hello! I said, my father, asked: "what time will you be back. What about your dinner?" I thought for a moment and replied, "I don't know we have just begun." Advertising agencies are known for their...

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by Tridiv Das | Jan 21,2020 | Tags : Culture Management

In an age where customers are more readily looking for digital services as a priority, ‘Digital First’ has become the main approach for most brands. This pace of change in the digital landscape is enough to disrupt many set businesses. Just when you think you have perfected the formula of success, something new is launched, which changes the entire landscape. So, whatever we are doing, regardless of our level of expertise, are soon going to completely get transformed into a commodity....

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by Partho Sinha | Jan 07,2020 | Tags : Business Management