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February 2016

Sometimes an idea can transform into a tangible element that has an impact in the physical world. The chance to touch, feel and respond to such an idea, rather than being taught, makes a world of difference for people. Whether it ranges from product trials to street-corner events to uniquely themed cultural extravaganza, it is sure to fuel word of mouth. If such an approach stirs positive emotion in people, then they are more likely to associate those emotions with your brand. This is what...

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by Christy Kuruvilla | Feb 29,2016 | Tags : Experiential Management

You own a business but don’t know how to promote it with limited budget and less cash-flow? Well, did you know, you can publicise your business without ‘burning a hole in your pocket or affecting the budget’. There are a plethora of marketing strategies to promote businesses that don’t cost a fortune. Though there are both offline and online ‘pocket-friendly’ marketing strategies, here we will be talking about out the offline marketing ideas. Nowadays, most of the organisations...

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by Pallavi Sinha | Feb 26,2016 | Tags : Business Communication

In today’s connected world, digital platforms have transformed the way people interact, share and make choices. This brings you closer to your customer, more than you can imagine. Decisions are often made solely by what they perceive your brand and not just the features of your product. An average internet user consumes increasingly more content every day, be it a trending social topic on twitter or cat videos on youtube. This is where all successful brands of the present are directing...

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by Sudhir Kumar | Feb 25,2016 | Tags : Business Communication

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”– Oscar Wilde Today what really matters is ‘how you portray yourself’ and ‘the perception you create’. So, how do we do it- by creating authentic and genuine stories. We always look for someone who shares something genuine with us that we cherish, enjoy and get inspired from. To create an impactful brand story, it is important to have love and respect for customers, and remove the illusion of separation. Every company...

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by Christy Kuruvilla | Feb 24,2016 | Tags : Business Communication

“Mankind will evolve much rapidly than it did in last 100 years.” Humans as specie is still evolving, and it will evolve further, even now a part of our tribal days still exist within us. Future is taking shape right now across the world. What is shaping the future is similar to what created life; it started with Carbon, In the cosmic history carbon in the space collided with other elements which gave birth to us, in this era it’s the knowledge of different things across diverse...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Feb 23,2016 | Tags : Food for Thought