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One of the most significant challenges for small and medium enterprises is lack of marketing funds. They can either manage their cash flow to survive or invest in marketing. Traditional marketing techniques are completely out of the question. Ask any small and medium-sized organisation owner, and you would quickly realise that their business has...

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by TRIDIV DAS | May 31,2018 | Tags : Business Management

Reviewing the performance of employees provide considerable benefits to organisations. However, skipping performance review or poor implementation of performance management programs lead to detrimental organizational outcomes. Let’s understand the domain, its process and implementation in depth. What is a performance review? A...

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by Satish Kumar | Mar 16,2018 | Tags : Business Management

Brand equity, you must have heard the term a lot on your business journey, but do you understand what it means and why it is important for your business to build brand equity? Essentially, brand equity is the key to success and growth for any business. Let’s discuss the term in detail today and see how you can expand the architecture of your...

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by Nupur Bhatia | Mar 07,2018 | Tags : Business Management