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Explore how sales enablement plays a pivotal role in resolving the issue. Why is enablement of sales so important, you ask, because absence of sales orientation results into business stagnancy. Business stagnancy is a very common problem and is the direct result of lack of sales implementation. In the times of business stagnancy, a...

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by Pallavi sinha | Jan 09,2019 | Tags : Business Management

Life, as discovered and lived every day, primarily, is divided into two halves. Let’s help you discover and understand the two divisions. When you lead a life of want, you lead a very busy life. There’s too much pressure and it’s often frustrating when you don’t get what you want. The problem with 'want' is that there is always...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Aug 02,2018 | Tags : Food for Thought

One of the most significant challenges for small and medium enterprises is lack of marketing funds. They can either manage their cash flow to survive or invest in marketing. Traditional marketing techniques are completely out of the question. Ask any small and medium-sized organisation owner, and you would quickly realise that their business has...

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by TRIDIV DAS | May 31,2018 | Tags : Business Management