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The world today terms ‘Client Servicing’ as people interacting with clients, sufficing clients deliverables and dealing with the internal team. Did you know, client servicing isn’t a Waiter who services people in a suit, but an Adviser who creates and advices businesses in the right direction. The only growth path shown to client servicing...

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by Pallavi Sinha | Mar 16,2016 | Tags : Business Management

B2B companies invest a huge amount of their marketing dollars in executing events, besides time and resources. But, are these companies making most of what they are spending? Most businesses worldwide still pursue run of the mill experiential marketing strategies, which limit them from receiving the most on the investments. Here’s a reality...

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by Pallavi Sinha | Mar 21,2016 | Tags : Experiential Management

A great start-up begins with an idea. We all have ideas, but translating those ideas into something productive is what separates ‘Doers from Thinkers’. An entrepreneurial journey has its own ups and downs, and key takeaways. Some inspire us; some surprise us and most importantly motivate us. One such inspiring story is of Sudeep MR who comes...

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by TRIDIV DAS | Jun 07,2016 | Tags : Food for Thought