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On a beautiful evening, a long-lost friend and industry senior turned up at work. The last memories I had with him is that he is the blue eyed go-to-person for clients — the most wanted business executive. But this time he looked worried and somewhat broken, upon asking he said that he is going through a painful divorce. He has no zeal to work...

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by Tridiv Das | Nov 07,2019 | Tags : Marketing Management

Almost everything around us is in flux. Every aspect of life is being examined. If you pay attention to our work-life today, almost everything has changed in the last 30 years or so. How we communicate with each other has changed, right from long conversations over a telephone to multiple people texting on a platform, or from making food to...

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by Tridiv Das | Nov 06,2019 | Tags : Culture Management

Discover how organisations can engage, win the trust and get the most out of millennials If baby boomers were known for their social responsibility, and Generation X for their distinctiveness, then Millennials are known for being forward, bold, and quite notoriously – frequent job-hoppers! Their utter disdain towards bureaucracy, following...

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by Pallavi sinha | Jan 09,2019 | Tags : Business Management